How To Keep Your Outdoor Air Conditioning Unit Free From Dirt & Debris

air conditioner servicesDuring summer, air conditioning systems play a vital role in enhancing the comfort of a home. An AC unit filters, cools, and recycles the air back into the home’s living spaces. By removing airborne particles and decreasing the room’s temperature, A/C units boost home comfort considerably.

Three components make up most air conditioning systems. The first is the one responsible for cooling the air. It consists of an air handler and evaporator coils. Additionally, there is a powerful fan that you can find in the air handler. This fan pulls air from the room, pushes it over the evaporator coils, and circulates it back into the room.

The condenser unit is the second component. You can find it outside, either on the roof, the outer wall of the home, or on the ground. This unit contains a powerful fan, cooling fins, a compressor pump, and the condenser coil. The primary function of the condenser unit is to push hot air back outside.

The final component of the unit is the air duct system. This part of the system is used as a channel to transport air.

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Air Conditioner Service Near Me Berlin NJ: Maintaining Your Outdoor Air Conditioning Unit

As mentioned above, air conditioners have condenser coils, cooling fins, compressor pumps, and fans. The fan requires regular cleaning to make sure that it has not accumulated dirt and debris, the latter of which can ultimately reduce the performance of the unit.

It is also essential to eliminate frictional drag with the use of lubrication. Similarly, an HVAC contractor must lubricate and clean the compressor pump at regular intervals to ensure optimum performance of the system.

The unit’s condenser coils should be cleaned from time to time as well. Doing so eliminates the buildup of dust that can lead to reduced heat conductivity around the coils.

Keeping Dirt & Debris Away From The Outside Unit

Because condenser units are typically mounted outside of the home, numerous kinds of debris can build up rather quickly. Leaves and grass cuttings are the most common debris that can affect the function of an air conditioning unit. Grease, bird droppings, plant fibers, and dust are also common pollutants that may find their way to the outdoor A/C components. For this reason, it is essential to find ways to prevent such debris from reaching these areas.

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Clean Out Vegetation Surrounding The Outdoor A/C Unit

air conditioner maintenanceEveryone wants a beautiful lawn and some ornamental shrubs and trees. However, your A/C may suffer if such botanicals are placed too close to the outdoor unit. This is because trees, hedges, shrubs, and overgrown grass can obstruct airflow.

It can ultimately decrease the performance of your air conditioner. This is easily remedied by keeping any plants a minimum of two feet from the outside unit.

AC Care: Maintain A Properly Mowed Lawn

A very common problem that results in clogged outdoor A/C units is loose grass cuttings that interfere with the performance of the system. Therefore, whenever you mow your lawn, make sure grass cuttings are thrown in the opposite direction from the outdoor unit.

Aim the grass clippings away from this area when you are completing lawn maintenance. You should also remind anyone you pay to mow your lawn to do the same, as they may be unaware of the hazard this presents.

Cover The Outdoor A/C Unit With A PVC-Coated Polyester Mesh

By wrapping or covering the outside unit in a polyester mesh that is PVC-coated, any debris or lawn clippings will be automatically filtered out of your air conditioner’s condenser. Mesh of this type also helps to ensure that the exterior of the unit is protected from all types of debris.

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