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Mitsubishi HVAC Systems

At McAllister Energy, our main goal is to keep your South Jersey home as comfortable as possible for the entire year. To achieve that, we recommend and install Mitsubishi products because we know that they are the most reliable.

If you choose to purchase a Mitsubishi heating and cooling equipment, let us handle the installation process for your home in Pennsauken. Contact us for more information about heating and cooling products.

Mitsubishi- High-Quality Products You Can Afford

Mitsubishi provides some of the top ductless systems and other HVAC equipment on the market. At McAllister Energy, we provide home energy solutions using Mitsubishi equipment.

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Thermostat and Control Choices

We service both residential and commercial settings, particularly when it comes to choosing and installing thermostats and remote controls that complement with a Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning systems and heat pumps. If you want to take full advantage of your HVAC system, you must choose a modern thermostat that contributes to your energy-saving efforts at home.

Indoor Units

If you are looking for an indoor unit to complement and support your current Mitsubishi Electric heater or air conditioning system, we at McAllister Energy offers you three viable options. Keep in mind that choosing the right system for your specific needs is a job that requires you to obtain vital information, information that we can give you via a comprehensive evaluation of your building and relative to your budget.

Types of Thermostats and Controls

It is important that you figure out your specific needs and compare it to the specifications of your existing heating and cooling system. This will help you determine the right products to buy, whether it is a new remote or thermostat.

  1. Handheld Wireless Remote Control> - By definition, the handheld wireless remote gives you the luxury of controlling the air temperature in every room equipped with a mounted unit. The remote is important if your unit is mounted high on the wall.
  2. Remote Temperature Kits - This type of control has a backlit display so that you can easily operate the unit even at night.
  3. Wired Remote - This type of remote is hardwired to a specific device and then mounted on the wall so as to allow a more convenient way to control the climate of every room in your house.
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Don't worry if you are not sure about which system is best for your home or business establishment. At McAllister Energy, we are more than happy to explain to you the different advantages of each option available to you. Before you make any purchasing decision, we will give you a comprehensive look at each device so that you will know the perfect one for your needs.

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It doesn't matter if you are looking to install a new system or you simply want to do an upgrade of your old one; the important thing is you must choose an indoor unit that addresses your needs. Of course, you also must pick one that fits your budget. For that to happen, you can call McAllister Energy anytime today!

Indoor Unit Options

Mitsubishi offers several types of indoor systems that are guaranteed to improve your home comfort and may help you significantly lower your energy bill! At McAllister Energy, we install the following types of systems:

  1. Wall Mounted Systems - This specific system features air handling units, usually mounted high up on the walls. The concept is to give cooling power in the most efficient way, especially for homeowners in South Jersey who choose to put the air handling units out of reach to anyone.
  2. Floor Mounted Systems - The floor mounted system, on the other hand, are equipped with large units typically installed on the floor, thereby providing ground-level heating as well as cooling power.
  3. Horizontal Ductless Systems - The horizontal ductless system is ideal for it can fit into slots intended for ductwork in order to provide a minimalist and ductless comfort solution.

Installation, Repair, and Maintenance of Mitsubishi Products in South Jersey

Since we have a team of experienced technicians with proper training, we are confident of being the best company for servicing Mitsubishi products in South Jersey. We install and repair air conditioning and heating products from Mitsubishi.

At McAllister Energy, we intend to be the only call you need to make for a reliable and honest contractor. We cater to both residential and commercial establishments. As a South Jersey HVAC service company, we’ve been providing South Jersey residents with the best quality repair, installation, and maintenance jobs since 1876. Call us or contact us online today for your free estimate!

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