Indoor Air Quality

person sneezing due to poor indoor air quality symptoms

Health Impacts of Poor Indoor Air Quality

February 12, 2024

Most people spend around 90% of their time indoors, where the air can be significantly more polluted than outside. This fact emphasizes the vital role of indoor air quality on health. This article examines what indoor air quality means, its health implications, and why it’s essential for your overall well-being.

hepa filter for a heating and cooling unit

Key Differences Between HEPA & MERV Filters

March 6, 2023

Properly functioning air filters help increase the efficiency of HVAC systems and are crucial for maintaining good air quality. They are an essential part of your HVAC system’s overall performance. Two of the most effective HVAC filters are HEPA and MERV filters. This article discusses the differences between these two types of air filters.

image of indoor air quality depicting uv lights for hvac system

How Can UV Lights Improve Your HVAC System?

March 6, 2023

HVAC systems control indoor temperature and manage humidity and airflow. They can even improve indoor air quality through strategically located filters. However, for many, these air filters are not sufficient as they are ineffective against microscopic bacteria and viruses. Improve your HVAC system by considering UV lights for your HVAC system.

close up of a man looking through a magnifying glass depicting top signs of poor indoor air quality

Signs You Need Better Air Quality At Home

February 20, 2023

Contrary to popular belief, indoor air quality can be just as bad, if not worse, than outdoor air quality. The symptoms can and will affect your family’s health. Be sure to be proactive if your home has poor indoor air quality. This article discusses some of the top signs to keep an eye out for.

image of an hvac vent and mechanical ventilation

What Is Mechanical Ventilation & How Does It Impact Your Home Comfort?

January 4, 2023

Indoor comfort goes beyond heating and cooling. HVAC experts know that the “V” for ventilation is just as important. If you don’t pay attention to it, you can run into problems despite having the best furnace and air conditioner in your home. In this article, we answer the question, “What is mechanical ventilation?”.

image of homeowner deciding which one depicting portable air filters vs whole home air filtration systems

The Difference Between A Portable & Whole Home Air Filtration System

September 19, 2022

Don’t neglect poor indoor air quality. Instead, get a viable solution to this problem. Typical options include a portable air filter or a whole home air filtration system. However, each of these has its own strengths and weaknesses. This article discusses some of these aspects so you can find the best solution for your home.

hvac air filter replacement

What Is A MERV Rating?

January 17, 2022

Air particles may be too small to see but their negative effects can definitely be felt. Families that are concerned about air quality should replace their filters regularly. After all, the filter plays an important role. In this article, we discuss an important factor to consider when purchasing HVAC filters – the MERV rating.

image of homeowner and dog depicting air quality in winter

9 Ways You Can Improve Indoor Air Quality During Winter

December 6, 2021

Many dread being outdoors during winter but spending time indoors does not guarantee comfort either. It may even be worse inside as winter indoor air quality can drastically go down as the temperature plummets. In this article, we explore why this happens, how it impacts our health, and how to improve the situation.

feeling hot and sticky due to high humidity levels

Benefits Of A Whole-Home Dehumidifier

May 24, 2021

The hot and humid air associated with summer creates ideal conditions for mildew growth, discomfort, and more. Therefore, with summer fast approaching, you should take measures to prevent high humidity in your home. One of the things you can do to achieve this goal is to invest in a good whole-home dehumidifier.

image of a homeowner experiencing allergies

HVAC Allergies: How To Get Rid Of Pollen From Your Home This Spring

April 26, 2021

Allergies affect millions of Americans each year. Some have it worse than others due to their sensitivity and their environmental conditions. If you are one of these individuals, then consider making changes to your home for greater comfort. For example, to help combat seasonal allergies, you can use your HVAC system for improved indoor air quality.