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McAllister Energy Case Studies

A great way to learn more about McAllister Energy and/or the products that we install is to read about some of the projects we have completed in the past. This is possible via our library of HVAC and fuel-related case studies found on this page.

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Electrification Project In Collingswood New Jersey

image of a electrification collingswood nj project

Problem: In Collingswood, New Jersey, the Lindenbergs grappled with an antiquated home system, utilizing an oil-fired boiler for heating and a separate ducted air conditioning for cooling. This setup was both costly and environmentally less efficient.

Solution: Mrs. Lindenberg undertook a comprehensive overhaul. Our technician installed a high-efficiency heat pump for primary heating and cooling and integrated a State heat pump hot water heater for domestic water needs. To retain the beloved radiant heating in the bathroom, a compact electric hot water heater was installed. These modifications not only reduced energy expenses but also minimized their environmental footprint while preserving home comforts.


Energy Kinetics Accel CS Modulating Boiler Installation in Pennsauken, New Jersey

Energy Kinetics Installation Pennsuaken NJProblem: The Jackson family’s 35+-year-old boiler was far past the end of its life and it was starting to show. They were noticing less and less output from their home heating system until eventually, it gave out altogether.

Solution: The Jacksons called McAllister Energy and one of our expert service techs was able to recommend a solution that was right for not only their budget but one that was optimized for their home and comfort needs. McAllister installed an Energy Kinetics (EK1C Accel) 97% Modulating Boiler as well as an Energy Kinetics indirect hot water heater.

Energy Kinetics Ascent Boiler Installation Project In Palmyra, New Jersey

Oil Boiler Install Palmyra NJProblem: The McKenty family’s slab floor in their Palmyra, New Jersey home started leaking the radiant heat and was wasting energy every day.

Solution: One of McAllister Energy’s service techs, Rich, arrived at the McKenty’s single-family home in Palmyra and assessed the problem. Instead of ripping out the floor and trying to seal it, our expert service tech recommended Energy Kinetics EK1T Ascent oil boiler replacement instead. In addition, Rich noticed that the family didn’t have a central AC unit and also recommended they install a Carrier 24ABC630 16SEER 2.5ton AC unit.

Energy Kinetics Oil Fired Boiler Heating System Installation in Hilltop New Jersey

hilltop oil boiler installation projectProblem: The Rauer family’s Hilltop, NJ home was without heat and they couldn’t seem to figure out what the problem was. They decided to call the experts at McAllister Energy to try to diagnose the problem and come up with a solution that would get their home back to being as comfortable as they were used to.

Solution: One of our experienced service techs, Rich, took a look at the Rauer family’s 25-year-old Peerless boiler and deemed it to be unrepairable. He discussed options with the Rauer family, and time was a key factor since they were without heat. McAllister Energy installed an Energy Kinetics Ascent EK1T Oil Boiler Package, Silent burner cover Air Box, 4.4 gallon expansion tank, a plate heat exchanger for domestic hot water, and a zone control board for multiple heat zones.

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