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Best Ways To Keep Your House Cool Without Breaking The Bank

energy costs

Many people who want to stay cool in the summer, crank up their air conditioner to a temperature that they determine feels comfortable. The only problem is that this will lead to an increase in energy bills. In this article, we discuss some practical ways to enjoy a cool summer without paying outrageous energy bills.

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How To Troubleshoot An Air Conditioning Unit That Won’t Turn On

air conditioner that will not turn on

Hiring a competent air conditioner contractor is recommended whenever you have an AC malfunction. The service provider will troubleshoot your air conditioning system to identify the root cause of the problem and fix it. However, before calling out an HVAC contractor, be sure to take the following steps to identify what the problem might be.

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What Is A SEER Rating & How Can It Affect My Wallet?

air conditioner replacement

Homeowners need to consider multiple factors when choosing a new air conditioner. By now, the majority of consumers are already familiar with the concept of A/C cooling power as measured in BTUs. Homeowners must also be mindful of the cooling system’s efficiency as this has profound implications on long-term costs and energy consumption.

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Are You Aware Of These Common Air Conditioning Repair Scams?

air conditioner repair scams

When your home air conditioner is showing signs of trouble, it may be time to call an HVAC contractor. Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous HVAC contractors who do not offer reliable or honest services. In fact, it is all too easy to fall victim to an air conditioner repair scam.

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Carrier Infinity Vs Performance Air Conditioner Review & Buying Guide

carrier ac systems

Carrier manufactures superior HVAC systems. It is one of the most common brands that we get asked about. However, most people find it hard to decide between two of Carrier’s most popular lines of air conditioning units. In this article, we discuss some of the primary differences between Carrier’s Infinity and Performance air conditioners.

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When To Upgrade To A New Carrier HVAC System

Carrier Logo

Your home relies on your HVAC system to keep you comfortable, regardless of the temperatures outside. While these systems are built to last, they will break down and show signs of wear-and-tear sooner or later. In this article, we discuss some of the signs that indicate the need for an HVAC upgrade.

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How Much Does It Cost To Install A New Carrier HVAC System

carrier heating and cooling systems

All HVAC systems require a replacement at some point. In this article, we discuss when to replace your HVAC system. Also, we cover some of the benefits that come with replacing an outdated heating or cooling unit. We will also provide information on why you should consider Carrier for your next HVAC installation.

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