image of homeowner adjusting programmable thermostat since furnace won't turn off

My Furnace Won’t Turn Off – Why?

January 23, 2023

Furnaces present homeowners with reliable and dedicated heating services for many years. However, these systems aren’t infallible and could experience some issues along the way, especially at the peak of the winter season. In this article, we discuss some common causes and solutions for a furnace that won’t shut down.

image of a heat pump fan depicting outside heat pump fan not working

Heat Pump Troubleshooting: Heat Pump Outside Fan Not Running

January 17, 2023

Heat pumps are robust machines. However, like any other machine, they do require repair from time to time. If you notice anything odd about your heat pump’s performance, don’t ignore it. This article discusses a common heat pump issue that homeowners experience- a heat pump’s compressor fan that isn’t running.

image of a homeowner feeling chilly due to heat pump not reaching heat setting

Top Heat Pump Issues Homeowners Experience In Winter

December 27, 2022

During winter, heat pumps produce heat by working like air conditioners in reverse. Many homeowners are switching to heat pumps because of their high efficiency and reliability. However, a heat pump in winter can also encounter problems, just like other heating systems. This article discusses common heat pump issues that homeowners experience during the winter.

image of a homeowner in front of radiator depicting boiler problems

Top 10 Boiler Problems Homeowners Experience

December 5, 2022

Boiler problems are less than ideal and present many issues for homeowners. In addition, exposure to extreme cold is dangerous, especially for children and the elderly. Knowing what to look for helps you act quickly and avoid system failures. This article discusses some of the most common boiler issues that most homeowners face.

image of a residential boiler room

What To Look For In A New Oil Boiler For Your Home

October 24, 2022

After serving your home well for many years, you will eventually feel a significant decline in the boiler’s efficiency, performance, and reliability. It may require frequent repairs that aren’t practical. Eventually, you will have to get an oil boiler replacement. This article discusses what to look for in a new boiler.

image of an inefficient gas fireplace

Which Is More Efficient, A Fireplace Or Furnace?

October 17, 2022

During winter, you will spend more time indoors, avoiding the cold outdoors. Stay warm by installing a suitable heating system. If you are undecided, get to know both fireplaces and furnaces. They have their compelling features, as well as notable drawbacks. In this article, we will compare fireplace vs. furnace efficiency from a practical standpoint.

image of blue furnace flames

Top Signs Your Furnace Is Overheating

October 10, 2022

Do not ignore the signs when you notice a furnace issue. What seems like trivial oddities might be symptoms of a dangerous problem. For example, your might have an overheating furnace on your hands. Act fast before it’s too late.

image of water depicting water in fuel oil tank

Oil Tank Condensation: What You Ought To Know

October 3, 2022

Oil heating systems use tanks for fuel storage and security. It is an excellent arrangement, but much like anything, it requires care and attention. For example, water can get into the heating oil tank, causing problems like oil tank condensation. This article provides a comprehensive discussion regarding oil tank condensation.

image of a heating system depicting a furnace pilot light that goes out after heating

Why Does My Furnace Pilot Light Go Out After Heating?

October 3, 2022

For older furnaces, it’s possible for the pilot light to go out. Let’s say your attempts to re-light it aren’t working, or it may come on but only for a while. This article will explain why the furnace pilot light goes out after heating and what you can do to solve it.

image of the word troubleshooting depicting a furnace blower keeps running but no heat

What To Do When Your Furnace Blower Keeps Running But No Heat

September 12, 2022

If your furnace is on, but it doesn’t seem to heat your home, you may or may not need to contact a professional. This is because some furnace problems are easy to fix, while others require technical know-how and specialized tools. This article discusses some troubleshooting steps you should take first.