Major Consequences Of Not Changing Your Air Filter

image of a man replacing home air filter

HVAC air filters block unwanted airborne particles from entering the system. These simple devices have a massive effect on heating and air conditioning performance and lifespan. They can also affect health and indoor comfort. Stay on top of your home air filter replacement to avoid many common and costly HVAC problems.

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Best Ways To Prevent Air Conditioner Mold

image of mold that was on air conditioner

According to the EPA, mold requires moisture, food, and oxygen to grow. This means that any moist surface in your home is a candidate for mold infestation, including your air conditioner. Air conditioner mold is particularly more dangerous since it will spread in your home quickly, causing health issues among your family members and pets.

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Why Is My Air Conditioner Running In Short Bursts?

image of a couple feeling hot due to air conditioner short cycling

If your air conditioner is running in short bursts, then you are dealing with a phenomenon called AC short cycling. It can lead to several problems unless properly addressed. In this article, we tackle the causes and effects of short cycling, as well as what you can do to prevent it.

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What To Do When Your AC Unit Freezes Up

air conditioner filter causing frozen ac unit

Air conditioners are designed to provide a cooling effect but they are not supposed to freeze. If they do, then it means something has gone wrong to upset the balance. In this article, we discuss why this happens, what to do when your AC unit freezes up, and how you can prevent a recurrence.

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How To Cool A Room Without AC

man cooling himself with a fan due to no air conditioner in room

Many homes have a room or two that seem to feel much warmer than the rest of the home. The occupants of that room feel uncomfortable and need to find relief from the scorching heat. In this article, we discuss nine ways to cool a room without a proper AC unit.

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What To Check When Your Air Conditioner Won’t Turn On

image of an air conditioner condenser

Some homeowners may find, at some point or another, that their AC unit won’t turn on, leaving them with a hot and humid house. However, there are many instances where the system won’t turn on because of a simple reason. In this article, we discuss some air conditioner troubleshooting tips for this type of situation.

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Where Are Those Air Conditioner Smells Coming From?

woman plugging nose from smelly air conditioner

If your air conditioner is producing a stench, it is a sure sign that something is up and should be checked immediately by an HVAC contractor. Find out what types of air conditioner smells your AC unit is likely going to produce, what their causes are, and what you should do about it.

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How To Avoid Heat Exhaustion & Heat Stroke When Your AC Goes Down

homeowner suffering from heat stroke and heat exhaustion from broken air conditioner

Heat exhaustion and heat stroke impact many during the summer. In this article, we discuss some ways to keep cool should your air conditioner malfunction at the peak of the summer. It is important to note, however, that many air conditioner breakdowns can be avoided by scheduling an annual air conditioner tune-up.

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Can You Replace Just The Outside AC Unit?

image of an hvac contractor performing air conditioner replacement

When it comes to air conditioning units, many homeowners question if they can just replace their outdoor unit instead of both the indoor and outdoor unit together. However, this is a very simplified way of looking at an air conditioner replacement that, in practice, leads to severe issues down the line.

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What Does An Air Conditioner’s SEER Rating Actually Mean?

image of a homeowner saving money due to energy efficient air conditioner

When purchasing an air conditioner, the SEER rating is one of the most important factors to consider. This is because it determines the efficiency of your HVAC system in terms of energy consumption as well as your indoor comfort. In this article, we discuss some more information on this topic.

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