Lower Your Energy Expenses This Summer With The Help Of An AC Tune-Up

energy billsAre you questioning whether it is wise to schedule yearly maintenance for your A/C? Some may say that it’s alright to skip this vital step in caring for the appliance, occasionally, if it is not used very often. Nevertheless, deferred maintenance can set you up for more significant problems in the future; like a total failure of your air conditioning system at the most inopportune times.

Who wants to be dealing with expensive air conditioning repairs during the hottest months of the year, or having to spend scorching nights without A/C because the unit suddenly conked out? You can avoid such scenarios just by scheduling regular yearly A/C maintenance for your home air conditioning system.

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Lower Your Cooling Costs With An Air Conditioner Tune-Up Camden NJ

Keep reading to find out more about why you should maintain your A/C to keep it in top performance.

Maintain Efficiency By Maintaining Your A/C

Yearly air conditioner maintenance keeps it in its best operating condition. While performing a tune-up, the technician will clean the unit by removing dust and debris that has collected on the coils. They also check the drain to ensure that it is not clogged. They will lubricate parts, clean, and adjust components to ensure proper efficiency.

When parts are not lubricated, the drains are clogged, and the coils are dirty, your unit will not operate efficiently. It will use more power to maintain desired comfort levels. This issue negatively affects your monthly cooling bills. It’s simple to avoid the added expense of wasted energy by ensuring that all components are operating efficiently.

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Annual A/C Maintenance Is Less Costly Than Air Conditioner Repairs

air conditioner repair Yearly air conditioner maintenance includes checking the system for minor problems that could lead to larger ones that are more expensive to repair. Routine A/C maintenance prevents it from failing at the most inconvenient times. Annual maintenance will reduce the risk of air conditioner malfunctions of any type.

Your Air Conditioner’s Warranty Depends On It

Many air conditioner manufacturers include a clause stating that regular maintenance is a requirement or they will void the warranty. It should be written on your certificate of ownership whether or not annual professional HVAC maintenance is a requirement for being eligible for replacement parts.

Annual Maintenance Helps Your Cooling System Last Longer

You will get the most out of your cooling system when it receives regular maintenance. It will last longer and require fewer air conditioner repairs. That means it is more likely to operate more effectively throughout its expected lifespan. Contrarily, if you defer regular maintenance, it will not last as long. Annual A/C maintenance will help you get more service out of it for your original investment. Therefore, it is one of the wisest things you can do.

Indoor Air Quality Will Remain Healthy And Clean

Regular maintenance is essential to keep your indoor air as clean and free of common airborne contaminants such as mold. Part of regular tune-ups for your air conditioning system is the replacement of air filters, so you can be assured that the air quality is safe. Your HVAC technician will also recommend necessary service to the system to help maintain optimal air quality. Indoor air quality directly affects you and your family’s respiratory system.

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Faster HVAC Service Occurs During The Offseason

You will get faster HVAC service if you schedule yearly maintenance on your air conditioner before the summer season hits. That’s because summer entails lots of service calls for HVAC companies since this is when most air conditioner repair problems are noticed. An A/C breakdown during this time may mean you are placed on a waiting list which could take several days. You can avoid this issue through annual maintenance ahead of time.



Annual A/C maintenance offers many benefits and the service comes with a great return on investment. Routine air conditioner tune-ups not only ensures a more efficient air conditioner while lowering your cooling costs and creating better indoor home air quality.

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