What To Look For In A New Oil Boiler For Your Home

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Boilers were built to be durable. However, they don’t last forever. After serving your home well for many years, you will eventually start feeling a significant decline in the boiler’s efficiency, performance, and reliability. For example, it may require frequent HVAC repairs that aren’t practical. Eventually, you will have to get a new oil boiler installation. It is an excellent opportunity to find a system that best fits your current needs and offers better features. This article discusses all you need to know about what to look for in a new boiler.

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Factors To Consider When Buying An Oil Boiler

Oil boiler replacement is a complex process, so you should give yourself sufficient time to learn all your options. You should know the exact heating needs of your household. Consult a professional for any advice and information, especially if you are unfamiliar with the details. You can ask any query you have, and you will surely get clear answers. Here are several important considerations during this undertaking:

Oil Boiler Type

Homeowners can have either a hot water boiler or a steam boiler. They operate similarly but have some key differences. Steam boilers provide higher heating temperatures with fewer accessories. They have the power that makes them suitable for large homes and industrial buildings. On the other hand, hot water boilers offer better efficiency and a safer design. They are sufficient for small to medium-sized houses. Both boilers may be powered with natural gas or heating oil. Many households in New Jersey utilize home heating oil due to its low prices and excellent availability.

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Heating Oil Boiler Size

There is a notion that bigger is always better, but that doesn’t hold true with boilers. Each home has an optimal size that best fits them. Getting a heating system that’s too big will result in short cycling. This problem is when the set temperature is achieved too fast, causing the boiler to switch off. This can hasten wear and tear, which can result in premature breakdowns. Most homeowners buy the same size as their previous boiler. However, have an HVAC professional calculate the best boiler size for your home for the best results.

Oil Boiler Efficiency

efficiency rating depicting energy efficient heating boiler systemHomeowners should not only look into the acquisition cost. Heating systems have the highest energy consumption in all households. Therefore, lowering the operational cost should be a priority. A highly efficient boiler helps keep your fuel expenses low. The system may have a higher initial cost, but you will have more savings down the line. The AFUE rating measures the system’s ability to convert fuel to energy in a heating season. Higher ratings mean better efficiency. Look for the Energy Star label for boilers with the highest efficiencies.

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Oil-Fired Boiler Maintenance

Heating systems require constant upkeep for longer service life and good performance. Different boilers have slightly varying maintenance needs. Know how to care for various units before selecting one, so you can be sure you can handle its ownership demands. Remember that homeowners cannot do all maintenance work because some need an HVAC professional’s skills, training, and experience. Book yearly professional maintenance to ensure system longevity.


Boiler Venting Requirements

Boilers require ventilation, so exhaust from fuel combustion is eliminated. Check the method that best fits your home’s design. Boilers that use chimneys as vents have a vertical stack to remove gasses passively. Fumes with low density naturally float up until an opening is reached. On the other hand, power-vented boilers have fans that push the gasses out. They have blowers that allow for side wall venting if you do not have an existing chimney. However, this needs a big open room. Lastly, boilers that have direct vents can be installed in smaller spaces as they do not depend on indoor air.

Regional Climate

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The climate in your region largely impacts how much stress there will be on your heating system. Some places will only have you using the boiler during winter, while other areas are cold year-round, so you also need to use the boiler throughout the year. Homeowners should choose the boiler that can handle their needs.

Oil Boiler Brand Name

All manufacturers have their own innovations. Some have proven to create boilers better than others. For instance, there are brands that are known for efficiency and durability. Some may be known to be more responsive about services like repairs under warranty. Homeowners should research the market’s top brands. They should also ask for recommendations from their trusted friends and neighbors per their personal experience. HVAC technicians can also give helpful advice using their many years of working in the industry.

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Your unique circumstance will dictate the right boiler system for your home. Have a reputable HVAC technician help you to make the search easier. If you have a heating oil-powered heating system, look for another oil boiler to minimize the replacement cost. Find a good match when it comes to brand name, system capacity, venting requirements, and efficiency rating.

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