How Much Heating Oil Will I Use A Day?

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Having a sufficient amount of heating oil in your heating oil tank will give you the peace of mind that you will feel warm and comfy during the cold season. When you know how much heating oil you need daily, you can determine if the amount you have is enough to last you for most of the winter. Therefore, a normal question most clients ask us is, “How much heating oil will I use a day?”. Read on as we discuss the answer to this common question.

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Factors Affecting Your Heating Oil Use

The factors that have an effect on your household’s heating oil consumption are as follows:

The Home’s Size And Design

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The amount of fuel oil that your home uses partially depends on the design and size of your home. Homes that are larger need more heat than smaller homes. Even if the ambient temperature is the same in differently-sized homes, larger homes will still have a higher heating oil consumption rate.

The home’s design is also a vital factor. The heating needs also depend on the interior space’s overall volume. Other factors that affect fuel use include the thickness of the walls and the insulation quality.

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2. Ambient Temperature

The temperature of your home’s surrounding area can significantly impact how much fuel you consume. As a matter of fact, a 15-degree Fahrenheit drop can mean that you consume twice as much oil.

3. Condition Of The Oil Furnace

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A furnace that is clean and well-maintained at all times will function at optimal efficiency. Therefore, ensure that it receives annual HVAC tune-ups, especially before the fall season. A highly efficient oil furnace consumes less heating oil.

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Heating Oil Consumption Based On Temperature

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Oil tanks typically have a 275-gallon capacity. A 50-degree Fahrenheit local temperature means that a typical home consumes 2 gallons of heating oil a day. A full tank will then be sufficient for four and a half months, meaning it will last you the entire cold season.

However, temperature fluctuations happen throughout the winter. Temperature drops can cause a spike in heating oil consumption. For instance, a typical day with a temperature of 40 degrees Fahrenheit will consume 3.7 gallons of heating oil. If it remains the same throughout the season, a full tank will only last about two and a half months. Some days, the temperature might drop to 20 degrees Fahrenheit. As a result, a typical home will need at least 7 gallons a day. Therefore, a full tank will last approximately one month and nine days if the temperature remains consistent.

The cold months mean that temperatures can fluctuate between 20 to 40 degrees, averaging 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Hence, the average home uses around 5.3 gallons of heating oil daily. Therefore, the coldest months mean that your tank lasts an average of one month and three weeks only.

The average tank capacity is 275 gallons, which is usually enough for a typical home. However, you might have a smaller tank installed, so you must ensure that you estimate your home’s fuel consumption needs properly, so you know when your next refill is.

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Estimate Your Heating Oil Requirements Based On Historical Statistics

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If you have been residing in the same house for a few years, you can use your past heating bills to calculate your home’s average heating oil usage. Make sure to keep a record of your annual fuel consumption. The information in it can be used to learn more about the daily, monthly, and yearly heating oil consumption quantities.

If you recently moved to a new home, ask a neighbor that has a house of similar size. Inquire about their heating oil consumption to determine the oil quantity you’ll need per day. You can also ask a local heating oil supplier for an estimate.

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Average Heating Oil Usage-Based On Square Footage

The home’s square footage will affect your average heating oil use. A typical home in the US has a size of 2,687 square feet. However, your home might be smaller or bigger than average.
Every 1,000 square feet of space call for the estimates listed below in comparison to the average outdoor temperature:

  • 10 degrees Fahrenheit: 3.27 gallons
  • 20 degrees Fahrenheit: 2.67 gallons
  • 30 degrees Fahrenheit: 2.07 gallons
  • 40 degrees Fahrenheit: 1.47 gallons
  • 50 degrees Fahrenheit: 0.87 gallons

This means that for a 3,500 square feet home, the average requirements listed above need to be multiplied 3.5 times. For example, a typical 40-degree day requires 5.15 gallons of heating oil.

Heating Oil For Water Heaters

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Water heaters are typically fueled by natural gas, electricity, propane, and heating oil. If heating oil powers both your water heater and heating system, adjusting the calculation is required. After all, heating your water supply requires around 0.5 to 1.0 gallons of heating oil per day. This heating oil usage relies on the size of the house and how many occupants shower per day.

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Final Word

Your daily heating oil usage can be determined based on the size of your home, temperature, and historical statistics. However, if you moved recently, you can opt to consult your local heating oil supplier for an educated estimate.

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