Home Heating Oil: Top Tips For Summer

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Heating oil might not be on people’s minds during summer. However, this season is the perfect time to think about it. It is the time when the boiler is idle, so you can work on different components of the heating system and make plans regarding its future. It is crucial that you get ready for the coming winter because the months will pass by quickly. Making early preparations ensures that you have a more comfortable home when the temperatures drop. Here are several summer heating oil tips you can do:

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Heating Oil Tips To Follow During Summer

The following are heating oil tips you can take during the summer season:

Maximize Lower Fuel Prices

Heating oil demand peaks during winter. Millions of US homes utilize this fuel for their boilers and furnaces, pushing heating oil prices up. Waiting until winter arrives to buy fuel means you must contend with the increasing rates. Demand is at its lowest during the summer. Some oil companies also offer discounts to encourage people to buy. You can take advantage of these offers. Consider the fuel amount you’ll need and call in your order. Call McAllister Energy to schedule an oil delivery today!

Conduct Fuel Oil Tank Inspection

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Summer is the perfect time to perform a thorough oil tank inspection. There is fine weather, so you can walk around your yard and thoroughly check your outdoor tank. Ensure that it is still in good condition. An old fuel container may develop damages like holes, cracks, and rust as time passes. Water can seep in through these and create more problems. Check the tank legs if they are stable as well. Make sure that all lids are sealed tight. Be proactive and book a heating oil tank replacement if your tank is near the end of its lifespan or has signs of wear and tear.

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Call For Oil Heating System Service

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Homeowners can find obvious damages. However, they can miss more subtle signs. Certified HVAC professionals have the trained eyes to recognize developing issues in an oil heating system at their early stages. Technicians can access areas that may be hard to reach and conduct tests to check for problems. They are equipped with the right tools to clean and maintain the system thoroughly. Schedule annual furnace or boiler service from professionals. This way, your heating equipment will operate more reliably and have a longer service life.

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Secure the Outdoor Heating Oil Tank

Valuable fuel is stored in storage tanks. They are located in the open, so they are prime targets for thieves. Trespassers may siphon the oil from your tank into a container and resell it. They may keep an eye out for delivery trucks so they know when your home has a fresh supply. Keep your tank hidden from the road to secure it. You may also plant bushes around it or install a fence to protect it from prying eyes. Remember to keep enough clearance on the tank’s perimeter to ensure proper airflow and fire safety. You can also lock the tank and install a CCTV camera near it to prevent oil tank theft.

Take Advantage of the Downtime

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The summer is the time to make any significant change with your tank. This includes replacing old tanks to prevent problems or increase storage capacity. You can also have the boiler repaired or upgraded. If breakdowns happen frequently, consider replacing your HVAC system as well. This may take some time, so it is smart to do all these when heating isn’t needed.

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Ensure Fill Pipe Accessibility

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Heating oil delivery trucks require easy access to the fill pipe of the tank to ensure smooth operations. The area may have gotten overgrown with plants. Therefore, you must check it periodically. Monitor the growth of foliage around the tank and trim when needed. Mark the fill pipe’s location so the delivery team can find it quickly.

Shop for a Better Oil Delivery Company

If you’re unsatisfied with how your current heating oil delivery company handles your orders, it may be better to look for another company throughout the summer. List its competitors in your area and check what their customers say about them. Other companies may be delivering your oil on time as promised. You may even be able to find a company that offers better deals or lower prices. Ask your neighbors for recommendations as well.

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Prevent Oil Tank Condensation

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Condensation in the oil tank is one reason damage starts in the container. Water triggers corrosion, causing the walls of the tank to weaken from the inside. It can worsen if the tank is almost empty because moist air takes up the empty space. Don’t let your tank run low during the summer. Have oil delivered to fill the tank and prevent fuel tank condensation.

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Summer is the best time for tank and boiler upkeep. It is hard to tinker with these during the winter since you need them to work all day. However, they are likely idle during the hot months, so you have the time for their much-needed maintenance. Reconsider your budget for oil and find better ways you can get the next oil delivery.

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