What Is That Whistling Sound That Happens During An Oil Delivery?

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If you are a new heating oil customer, you are most likely unfamiliar with how oil delivery works. A reliable oil delivery company will surely make the process as hassle-free as possible. They will guide and help you through every step. The process is quick and simple as long as your system is in tiptop shape. One of the things you might not understand about the process is why there is a whistling sound from your tank during the delivery. Do not panic. The sound is from your oil tank vent alarm, and it is entirely normal. This article will discuss this sound and why it is essential for your heating oil unit.

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The Source of The Sound During A Fuel Oil Delivery

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Heating oil is delivered to each home via trucks. They are stored in tanks that are connected to your heating unit. The more you use your heating system, the more oil in your tank is depleted. Air replaces the lost liquid in your tank. During the refilling process, the oil pushes the air out, which triggers the oil tank vent alarm. The whistling sound is a crucial signal that helps the delivery personnel as it is loud enough to be heard back to the delivery truck.

When Does The Oil Tank Vent Alarm Stop Producing Sound?

The oil tank vent alarm will not stop as long as air passes through it on its way out. It will stop when the tank is full, and no more air needs to pass out of the vent pipe. This is when the personnel will stop the delivery process manually. As this is the case, an audible and reliable signal is vital to determine the right time to stop the oil flow from the truck to the tank. Each home is fitted with different sized tanks. It might be challenging to determine the volume your tank has, especially if it is buried underground. The whistling sound becomes a vital signal to know the refill state of your oil tank.

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Why An Oil Tank Alarm Is Essential

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The vent alarm should always be in good condition because refilling relies heavily on it. As such, heating oil delivery companies typically have a no whistle, no refill policy. The delivery personnel will determine the whistle’s presence by attempting to put oil in your tank, as this will trigger the vent alarm immediately. If no sound is heard, they will stop the oil flow as soon as possible.

Without this vital signal, they would not know when to stop the delivery, so it is dangerous to continue with the delivery. The oil might end up spilling around your home. Hence, most heating oil delivery companies do not risk it as a safety measure.

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Why There Is No Sound During The Home Heating Oil Delivery

image of question mark depicting oil vent alarm questionsListed below are a few reasons behind the lack of sound during your heating oil delivery:

  • No Tank Is Connected To The Pipes: Although this might seem odd, it can happen. You might have moved into a new house and didn’t know that the previous owners had excavated the tank. It could also be that the connection has been severed.
  • Damaged Seals: There might be an opening that is letting the air escape. Instead of passing through the vent alarm, the air might be leaking through another opening. Make sure that the tank is sealed correctly.
  • Vent Pipe Clogs: The airflow should only be through the vent pipe so that the vent alarm can be triggered. All openings in the tank have to be closed for the oil delivery to continue. The vent pipe might be clogged. It could be that insects have built their nests inside. As any blockage restrict proper airflow, it needs to be removed immediately. Otherwise, pressure can accumulate inside and reach a dangerous level. Your tank might end up getting interior damage when this happens.
  • Broken Whistle: The vent alarm might be malfunctioning. As the whistle has holes, insects might have crawled inside, or debris might have gotten trapped. Any clogs need to be removed to allow proper airflow. This way, the sound will be heard again, and the refilling can commence.

The McAllister Energy personnel will check your tank when no whistling sound is heard during the delivery process. A technician can also visit so that proper diagnosis and repairs are made immediately. Do not hesitate to call us with any questions that you have about your heating system or heating oil deliveries.


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