Improper Furnace Installations Can End Up Costing You More Money

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The installation of a furnace is as critical as the quality of heating equipment you invest in. Experts in the HVAC industry always recommend that homeowners do all they can to avoid dealing with an improper furnace installation. Doing so prevents several significant issues, including premature furnace failure, discomfort, and reduced efficiency. Moreover, the furnace has to be properly sized and installed for assured overall safety. This article will detail some of the reasons why correctly installing a furnace is so important.

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The Manual J Load Calculation & Furnace Installations

The first step to any furnace installation is to have a Manual J Load Calculation performed. Calculating this figure is vital for determining the correct furnace capacity and size for your home. So what is the Manual J Load Calculation, and why does this figure matter?

The Benefits Of Performing A Manual J Load Calculation

An HVAC contractor uses the Manual J Load Calculation to determine the heating and cooling capacity of the HVAC equipment that your home will require. They use various factors to come to a precise calculation to match your heating and cooling needs. Among these factors are the type and amount of insulation, the wall positions, the building materials used in the construction of your home, and the square footage of the property. Layout and other critical factors also determine the correct size of the HVAC system.

This calculation is essential for determining the HVAC system capacity, which is typically represented in BTUs or British Thermal Units and tons. The HVAC ton is the system’s ability to melt 1,000 kilos (one ton) of ice over a 24-hour stretch of time. One ton equals 12,000 BTUs per hour.

So what is the importance of the Manual J Calculation? Easy. All homes differ in terms of construction materials, layout, design, structure, and even occupants. HVAC systems have to be the correct capacity and size for maintaining constant and even temperatures.

When HVAC systems are under-sized or when they are too large, they tend to become overworked and less efficient. They tend to have problems with short-cycling where the furnace rapidly turns itself off and on. This can lead to early system failure due to increased wear and the system’s inability to accommodate the household’s demands. Homeowners will additionally feel discomfort, given that the environment cannot be properly cooled or heated by the HVAC equipment. Also, even if the HVAC unit has a high efficiency rating, it will not perform efficiently, causing a spike in home heating or cooling costs. Furthermore, an improperly sized unit will produce poor indoor air quality.

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Safety Issues That Come With Improper Furnace Installations

Problems caused by improperly installed furnaces are far more than mere inconveniences – they can also result in safety hazards. Following are several issues that might occur:

Gas Leaks

When HVAC systems aren’t properly connected, gaps between joints can result in gas leaks. Gas heating systems can release combustible gas, which can lead to an explosion and fire.

Electrical Problems

One very troublesome problem that a poorly installed furnace can lead to is related to electrical wiring. Faulty wiring is essentially a poor wiring job. When systems have faulty wiring, they can drain power unnecessarily, cause the circuit breaker to trip frequently, and present a serious fire hazard. When electrical issues exist, HVAC systems can also become less efficient, causing homeowners to pay far more in energy for HVAC operation.


Comfort Issues Associated With Incorrect Furnace Installs

Poor furnace installation can place the home heating and cooling equipment under a lot of stress. Moreover, it can lead to lower levels of indoor comfort all-around. Given that the equipment won’t be able to work as it should, several problems can result including:

Decreased Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

The quality of the indoor air is heavily reliant upon how well the HVAC system is performing. If you have a poorly designed drain system, this can lead to water leakage and possible structural damages to your home. As water accumulates, it can additionally result in the formation of mildew and mold. As a result, indoor air quality will decline.

Problems With HVAC Air Distribution

Incorrect furnace installation, mainly when it includes a system of ductwork, can result in a poor distribution of air. This is often the case whenever the unit output capacity isn’t in line with the duct sizes. If air distribution issues exist, homeowners will experience uneven temperatures indoors along with lower system efficiency.

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Hot And Cold Spots Throughout The Living Space

With air distribution, you may have to deal with pesky hot and cold spots throughout your living environment. For instance, some areas of the home might feel colder or warmer than normal, which can result in comfort and safety issues.

Problems Venting The Furnace

Your HVAC system can also experience problems as a result of improper venting. If your vent pipes are made from the wrong material, if they’re the wrong size, or if the system has never been properly vented at all, your HVAC equipment will start having troubles in almost no time.

Also, heating systems that are improperly vented can release a poisonous gas called carbon monoxide that’s both colorless and odorless into your home. This gas is also known as the silent killer.

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Choosing The Right HVAC Company To Complete Your Furnace Install

Having your home furnace properly installed will require the help of a seasoned, reliable, and licensed HVAC contractor. Before contacting any furnace companies in your area, be sure to look for the following:

NATE-Certification And Other HVAC Industry Certifications

A NATE certification is attained by heating and cooling professionals who are able to pass the stringent specialty and core exams offered by the agency. North American Trade Excellence or NATE is an independent organization that offers technicians who work in either the service or installation industry certification based on knowledge-based exams. When a technician has NATE certification, this means that they have met or passed the industry standard and can prove competency in this work.

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Licensing And Bonding

Licensed HVAC technicians are qualified, trained, and sufficiently knowledgeable for adequately performing all of the work that their positions require. With licensing, these contractors are more competent upon hiring. A license bond for an HVAC contractor functions as a surety bond or a type of insurance. It gives both the tech and their customers protection in the event of problems.

HVAC Contractor Reviews

Before hiring an HVAC contractor to install your furnace, be sure to ask for and check references. HVAC companies that are competent and offer superior workmanship should have no problems getting past and current clients to vouch for their level of service and professionalism.



Businesses offering furnace installation ad service play a very vital role in creating comfortable homes. One way in which they accomplish this is by making sure that home heating equipment is correctly installed. If your furnace is the right size for your home, you can count on having safety, efficiency, and comfort all year long.

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