Signs That You Need An HVAC Ductwork Replacement

hvac ductwork replacementAir ducts play a significant role in central heating and air conditioning systems. Any problem with the air duct system will result in a very uncomfortable indoor environment in your home.

That is why it is crucial for you as a homeowner to watch out for signs of problems with your unit’s air ducts.

Whenever you notice a problem with your system, you should contact an experienced and professional HVAC contractor to repair the system and ensure that it does not malfunction.

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Signs That You Need An HVAC Ductwork Replacement Pennsauken NJ

Below are some of the tell-tale signs that your unit’s air duct system needs urgent attention:

1. Abnormally High Utility Costs

If your utility bill is higher than what it usually is, and yet your modern HVAC unit operates efficiently, then you may have a problem. This issue might be as a result of a worn out air duct that is leaking cooled or heated air into unwanted spaces. A leaking air duct will make a dent in your wallet considering heating and air conditioning already make up 40% of your home’s energy bill.

If your energy bill is higher than usual, do not waste time. Instead, call an expert immediately to have your ducts inspected.

2. Uneven Temperature Around The House

Unless you have a zoned heating and air condition system, the temperature of all the rooms in your house should ideally be the same. If you notice cold spots such one room being colder or warmer than the others, then there might be an issue with your air ducts. The ducts might be leaking and causing this issue. Another cause of such a problem might be a blockage in the ducts, obstructing airflow to certain parts of the house. Therefore, you should call an experienced HVAC contractor to come and examine your ductwork and fix it.

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3. Respiratory Issues In The Home

indoor air qualityAre you experiencing frequent asthma attacks, allergies, or any other type of respiratory problem regularly in your household? If so, then there might be a problem with your ducts. Your air ducts may have a major leak that is allowing dust and other impurities to enter the air supply system. Another reason might be dirt and allergens in your ducts. You can have this problem solved and say bye-bye to respiratory issues in your home by contacting a qualified HVAC contractor.

4. Strange Noises Coming From The Ducts

If you hear strange noises coming from the air ducts, then it is very possible that your ducts have a problem. Other signs of an air duct that needs urgent attention are whistling, shaking, and rattling sounds from the duct itself. When you hear any of these noises, call your HVAC service provider.

5. Disconnected HVAC Ducts

Do not be caught unaware by a problem with your air duct system. Develop a culture of routinely conducting visual inspections of the ducts. By doing this, you will be able to notice things such as disconnected joints and call for help before they lead to significant issues. A disconnected joint can leak a lot of cooled or heated air. This leak will result in substantial energy bills and inefficient cooling or heating in your home.

6. Kinked And Dented Air Ducts

Watch out for dents, kinks, or any other type of damage when inspecting your ducts. Kinks and dents usually result in leaks, therefore, when you notice them, be sure to contact an experienced HVAC services provider to deal with them properly

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7. Uninsulated Air Ducts

You should have all the air ducts insulated. Insulating them helps reduce energy losses. Be sure to pay attention to air ducts that run through crawlspaces, the attic, or the garage. Contact a trusted, professional HVAC provider for assistance. The contractor will insulate your air ducts to ensure that no heat or cold is lost. Also, have your system serviced and tuned-up regularly to ensure that it is working flawlessly.



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