How To Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning In Your Home

carbon monoxideBurning fossil fuels in a heating system will result in the production of various by-products. These by-products include such substances as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and water vapor. Also, other compounds such as hydrogen sulfide as well as sulfur dioxide may be released if the original fuel source contains impurities.

Water vapor and carbon dioxide are produced and released into the air by natural processes so they can be harmless under most normal conditions. However, when a heating system produces carbon monoxide, homeowners, as well as renters, need to beware. This gas can be deadly.

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Furnace Repair Pennsauken NJ: How Carbon Monoxide Is Formed

When an atom of carbon and an atom of oxygen unite together to form a chemical bond, it creates carbon monoxide. The formula CO represents carbon monoxide while the formula CO2 represents carbon dioxide. Carbon monoxide has no odor or color, and its density is almost the same as that of air.

Therefore, if there is a CO leak in your home, it can circulate easily in the air. This gas is extremely dangerous. Consequently, it is imperative that you never have a carbon monoxide leak within commercial or residential buildings.

How Carbon Monoxide Can Build Up Inside A Building

Various sources can cause carbon monoxide. Any heating appliance that burns hydrocarbons can result in the production of carbon monoxide or another type of poisonous gas. Some of these devices may include:

  • furnaces
  • fireplaces that burn wood
  • stoves that burn wood pellets
  • boilers

You can be exposed to carbon monoxide with these appliances if you do not take steps to prevent its formation.

Exposure To Carbon Monoxide & Its Dangerous Effects

heater repairEach year, the CDC reports more than 400 deaths in the United States due to CO poisoning. Yearly, CO exposure sends more than 20,000 people to the hospital.

Many of these cases of carbon monoxide poisoning happen in winter. During the cold months of the year, people turn up their heating systems to keep their residential or commercial building comfortable and warm.

Furnaces and boilers leaking CO gas are the primary sources of carbon monoxide poisoning. Even small leaks can result in dangerous exposures to this toxic gas.

What Are The Symptoms & Signs Of CO Poisoning?

You may notice these symptoms of CO poisoning when using your heating system in the winter months:

  • becoming unconscious
  • confusion
  • feeling dizzy
  • pain in the chest area
  • feeling nausea
  • throwing up
  • feeling weak physically
  • headache

If you notice these symptoms, it is essential to leave the building immediately. Get fresh air into your lungs while determining the nature of the problem. There is no direct way to know if carbon monoxide is present in your house. Before you and your family leave home, be sure that you open some doors and windows to let in some fresh air. Call 911 for help after you are outside. When the first responders arrive, they will give you oxygen as this is the only treatment to deal with carbon monoxide poisoning.

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Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning With CO Detectors And Proper Furnace Maintenance

Humans are not able to detect carbon monoxide in the air since this gas has no color or odor. The use of a carbon monoxide detector is required to identify the presence of this gas. Many kinds of carbon monoxide alarms and detectors are available. These alarms are easy to install, and they can save your life.

To prevent the harmful effects of poisonous carbon monoxide, you should take steps to ensure that your heating system is working correctly. Regular annual maintenance will help ensure that your heating system is healthy. This maintenance should be done in autumn before the cold weather months begin. A knowledgeable HVAC expert will check to see whether your furnace or boiler is leaking CO into your air. If they discover any potential problems, the HVAC technician will repair your heating system so that it can be safe and efficient all winter long. For this reason, it is essential to hire an HVAC expert who can properly maintain your boiler or furnace each year.

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