How To Keep Your Energy Costs Down This Winter

energy billsOne of the most essential resources that we have is energy. Every year, American businesses and households pay about $190 billion in electricity expenses. However, about 30% of that energy is wasted. Americans continue paying for power they are either using inefficiently or hardly use, despite programs like Energy Star. Not only does this cost consumers a lot of money but it also places a strain on the country’s resources.

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HVAC Companies Pennsauken NJ: Minimizing Your HVAC Costs This Winter

Homeowners always want to find ways to minimize their home heating expenses. In this article, we will discuss some of the most effective ways that you can achieve this.

Check Your Doors And Windows For Air Drafts

Start checking the corners of doors and windows, especially at the joints, before winter hits. However, it is better late than never.

Warps and cracks, around the window or door, can allow cold air to get in and hot air to escape. In many situations, DIY insulation is a cost-effective and great solution for you to try. When you weather-strip doors and windows, you can maintain the heat within your house and prevent the temperature from dropping.


Heating System: Get Tune-ups And Repairs Scheduled

HVAC serviceHaving a licensed technician check your home’s heating system before winter is the best assurance that it prepared for the cold weather. However, even if you missed scheduling one in the fall, it is still a good idea to plan one now.

During a tune-up, the system will be cleaned and inspected. Any parts that are damaged can be replaced to ensure that your furnace is functioning well when you need it the most.

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Be Sure To Keep The Temperature Lower On Your Thermostat

If you turn the thermostat down by 10 degrees at least while you are sleeping, you can reduce your heating bill by an estimated 10%. If you are bothered by the slight dips in temperature at night, use thick sheets or a comforter on your bed. Certain fabrics like flannel and thicker sheets are better at letting you make use of your body heat while sleeping. You can also reduce the setting on your thermostat while you are at work for the day. It isn’t necessary to heat an empty house.

A programmable thermostat is a great investment. You can program it based on your schedule. It will automatically increase or lower your home’s temperature, depending on how you set it. A programmable thermostat will ensure that you are not heating an empty home, reducing your energy costs. Likewise, it will raise the temperature just before you arrive, improving your home comfort levels.

Turn The Space Heater Off Whenever You Are Not Using It

If you use a space heater, use it wisely. For example, when using a space heater, you should only turn it on in the room that you are using. If you leave the room, be sure to turn it off. For safety reasons, you should not leave space heaters on if you are not inside the room.

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Increase The Humidity Levels In Your Home And Moisten The Air

Moisture retains heat so moist air feels warmer than dry air.

Even when the thermostat is set lower, adding a humidifier will help to increase your comfort and warmth. You can also place houseplants in a room to increase humidity levels. Plant roots absorb water. Subsequently, plants release the moisture that they absorb via the stems and leaves. When water evaporates, it is turned into air molecules to increase the humidity indoors.

Many plants, like areca palm, spider plant, peace lily, and English ivy, not only increase moisture efficiently, but they also are useful in getting rid of air pollutants. Furthermore, they are a great decorative piece for any room.

During The Winter, Run Your Ceiling Fans In The Clockwise Direction

ceiling fanCeiling fans improve indoor circulation and airflow. Fan blades turning counterclockwise will pull hot air up to the ceiling. A counterclockwise direction makes them cost-effective and helpful during the summer. On the other hand, fan blades that turn clockwise are better at helping to circulate the heated air during winter. Whenever you are using ceiling fans, you should set them at the lowest setting to make them more efficient to keep your house warm.

Don’t Forget To Wear Layers Inside The House

To stay comfortable indoors, wear layers of fabric or clothing.

Wear thick socks, sweaters, and shirts, or wrap a shawl around your neck. Having carpets on your floors can help to keep them warmer. If your floors are concrete, tiled, or wooden, place rugs in certain key areas. For added warmth, you can also put throw blankets on your couches.

During The Day, Use Natural Heat

The sun is an excellent source of heat and light, and it is absolutely free. It also helps during the fall and winter as heating requirements start to increase. Keep your curtains open to enable the light in that is coming from the southern and eastern windows. After the sun has set, draw the curtains to act as an insulator against the cold glass and maintain the heat at night.



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