Wi-Fi Thermostats for Oil Heat

image of a wi-fi thermostat for fuel oil heating system

Heating and cooling make up around 50% of an average US household’s energy consumption. The type of thermostat you have will affect how much energy your home consumes and the oil system’s effectiveness. Consider installing a Wi-Fi thermostat to improve your oil furnace or boiler’s efficiency. This device will help you automate and have better control over the climate and temperature in your home. It also enables you to have lower energy costs. Other than temperature control and automation, a Wi-Fi thermostat provides you with different advantages as well.

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Benefits Of A Wi-Fi Thermostat For Oil Heat Homes

The following are nine of the benefits a Wi-Fi thermostat brings for oil heat users:

1. Control Your Thermostat From Anywhere

image of homeowner using phone to control oil home heating

There might have been times when you intended to lower the temperature before leaving your home but forgot to actually do it. If so, you likely know the frustrating feeling of having wasted energy unnecessarily. When you have a Wi-Fi thermostat, you won’t have this problem because your thermostat can be controlled remotely. All you need to do is install the dedicated app on your phone or tablet, and you can control the thermostat from anywhere, as long as you are connected to the internet.

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2. Save On Heating Oil Costs & Energy With A Wi-Fi Thermostat

The US Department of Energy (DOE) states that your energy bill can be reduced by up to 10% when you set the temperature 10 degrees lower while you sleep or you are away from home. It is easier to make these adjustments when you can control your Wi-Fi thermostat via your phone.

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3. A Wi-Fi Thermostat Has Intuitive Displays And Easy Controls

Smart thermostats are usually brightly lit and have intuitive displays to make it easier for you to read their data. It also has controls that can include dials, buttons, or touch screens. If you can use a smartphone, it shouldn’t be hard to operate a Wi-Fi thermostat.

4. Access Useful Metrics On Oil Home Heating

image of homeowner using phone to determine energy use and wi-fi thermostat

Smart thermostats let you access data and metrics that you can’t get using a programmable or dial thermostat. The thermostat app on your phone allows you to see your home’s statistics on energy consumption and your behavior over time. You can use these to adjust your thermostat to achieve maximum comfort and lower energy costs. A Wi-Fi thermostat can also tell you about how much energy you’ve saved or the humidity in your home.

5. Multiple Thermostats At Multiple Locations

The ownership and maintenance of several homes can be tedious and expensive. You have to ensure that each property’s oil heating system remains efficient, which can pose a challenge. Smart thermostats come in handy during these situations. It will let you manage the climate in each property remotely via a single internet-enabled device like a laptop or smartphone.

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6. Get HVAC Maintenance Reminders

A well-maintained heater can help increase your home’s energy efficiency, improve safety, create proper airflow, and reduce your heating bills. Therefore, make sure that your heater is in tiptop shape at all times. A Wi-Fi thermostat will help make this easier. For example, it can find out the ideal maintenance schedule for your oil furnace and, more importantly, set a reminder for you.

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7. Get Local Weather Updates

Weather can have a significant impact on your oil heater’s efficiency and performance. For example, your home can remain comfortable although the thermostat is at a lower temperature during warmer days. On the other hand, you might need to set the thermostat higher on colder days. Therefore, the thermostat settings need adjusting as the weather changes. Your smart thermostat can help track changes as temperatures shift. This can be done by displaying the local weather information or weather updates on your phone. This way, you can adjust the thermostat as needed and ultimately save on cost.

8. Customized Oil Heating Schedules

image of a thermostat for a fuel oil heating systemThe thermostat should be able to accommodate any lifestyle changes to achieve optimum efficiency. A smart thermostat allows you to set oil heating schedules according to your lifestyle, preferences, and schedule. For example, you can set it so that the Wi-Fi thermostat lowers the temperature automatically while you are out at work. If you want to come back to a warm home, you can set the thermostat to turn up the temperature while you are on your way home.

9. Integration With Other Smart Devices

Smart technology is becoming universal as more smart devices are being integrated into homes. You can even connect your smart thermostat with other smart devices like Google Home or Amazon’s Alexa assistant. This incorporation with other smart devices will let you use voice commands to turn on the oil heat or adjust the temperature. You can even create custom commands that will allow you to set oil heating schedules via your voice. Integrating your Wi-Fi thermostat with other smart devices will undoubtedly open a lot of new and exciting options.



Consider installing a smart thermostat to lower your energy bills and keep your home comfortable. A Wi-Fi thermostat provides many advantages, such as those included in this article. Aside from a smart thermostat, you also need a dependable heating oil supplier like McAllister Energy. If you live in Camden County, New Jersey, order now and we will deliver heating oil quickly and at the most affordable price.

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