What Happens If I Don’t Change My HVAC System’s Air Filter Regularly?

hvac air filterAn HVAC system is a very important part of a house. Households without a properly working heating or cooling system deal with a significant amount of discomfort during the hottest summer and the coldest winter months.

Other than simply cooling or heating a house, your HVAC system also has another important task: to clean and filter the indoor air. This is how you ensure your home air is free of dirt, dust, pollen, dander, and other microscopic debris.

In other words, removing these contaminants from the air is how your home HVAC system improves and controls your IAQ (Indoor Air Quality). However, this can only is done when the HVAC filter is kept clean and the unit, well maintained.

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What Happens When I Don’t Change My HVAC Air Filters Regularly?

The way a central HVAC system works in a home is by distributing conditioned air throughout the building via the ductwork. In parallel, the HVAC takes the sale indoors air outside. However, it does not discharge the contaminants that it collects in the process.

All those microscopic and tiny particulates remain caught in the air filter’s fine mesh. As time goes by, and as your system filters more air, these contaminants accumulate on the air filter. With time, they form an extra furry, grey mass that coats the filter. The longer it takes for you to change this air filter, the thicker this grey lint becomes.

In general, distracted homeowners forget about changing the HVAC air filters on a set schedule. However, they are surprised how dirty these can get. Unfortunately, they only learn about this fact after a clogged air filter has caused more serious issues in the system. This is the perfect example of something that you can’t see but causes you great harm. Consequently, the filter stops doing its job and does not catch the particulates that its supposed to.

Once the filter is full of debris, it loses its ability to filter and clean indoor air, lowering the air quality inside your home. Worse, a clogged air filter might even release some of the particulates it had previously caught back into the air you breathe.

A Dirty HVAC Filter Can Greatly Impact Your Household

respiratory issuesIndoor air quality is something you only notice when it is absent from your life. If you are at home and dealing with watery, dry, or itchy eye issues, you will understand. On the same note, you might be sneezing more often or develop a sinus irritation. In short, airborne particulates can cause irritation to the eyes, nasal passageways, and go as deep as your lungs.

If you or someone in your family have asthma, COPD, allergies, or some other respiratory issues, you are likely to feel poor IAQ first. Also, you will suffer the most. Some homeowners might even present symptoms of respiratory illness, even if they were completely healthy before. Infants and the elderly are especially vulnerable to low IAQ. Even family pets can develop health issues.

What Further Damage Could A Dirty Air Filter Cause?

Up to this point, it is clear that a dirty HVAC air filter can harm your family’s health. You should also be aware that dirty filters also reduce the efficiency of your home’s heating and cooling systems.

Once that grey coat forms on top of the air filter, the HVAC systems need to work even harder to pass air through the dirty filter and distribute it throughout your home. This extra work to distribute hot or cool air initially means an increased electricity use and higher utility bills. If nothing is done and the dirty filter remains in place, then the entire system will be subject to additional wear and tear. A situation like this greatly decreases the lifespan of the HVAC system in your home.

The simple solution for all these issues is a regular air filter change. It will instantly improve your home’s IAQ. Also, it will reduce your utility bills and your carbon footprint. Overall, regular HVAC air filter changes protect your HVAC system.

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Dirty Filters Lead To Dirty HVAC Ducts

hvac air ductsHVAC systems work centrally distributing cooled air through a hidden ductwork system. In most cases, the ductwork is inside the walls.

Once the air filters get too dirty and clogged with microscopic debris, it stops retaining debris as it should. It then moves though your home’s ducts, air registers, and even reach your living areas. Part of this debris, however, will stay trapped inside these ducts and start accumulating debris.

Changing your air filters frequently is a simple DIY task that any homeowner can perform. Meanwhile, cleaning out HVAC ducts certainly requires calling a pro.

How Often Should I Be Replacing My HVAC Air Filters?

You can find varied, generic recommendations for this critical number. The truth is simple.The frequency of air filter changes will depend on many factors unique to your home and your family,. Therefore, there is no single answer that serves two different homes.

The frequency varies with factors such as whether you live in a dustier area. Is there is a major highway nearby? How often do you clean your home? Furry pets in the home will also impact this frequency.

All these factors might possibly require you to change your air filter more often. On the other hand, homes in grassy, rural areas, are more dust-free and demand air filter replacements less often. If your home uses your HVAC system heavily, then your system will require more filter changes. If you really need a rule of thumb for your HVAC air filter changes, you should check it monthly and replace it if necessary.

Do not neglect this simple home maintenance task. Call a trusted HVAC service near you, and they will be able to work with you and determine the optimum filter schedule change. In addition, the company can also inspect your ducts and let you know what their condition is.

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Concluding Thoughts

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