When To Repair Vs. Replace Your Heating System

hvac contractor performing a heater repairDuring the cold months of winter, your heating system is going to be your best friend. No matter how low the outside temperatures become, this unit is going to keep you and your loved ones comfortable and warm indoors. As time goes on, however, heater problems can occur. You may even have to choose between a heating system repair vs. replacement.

Knowing whether you need to replace or repair your heating system can be challenging. Some homeowners will try to have their heating systems repaired multiple times due to the comparatively lower cost. There are, however, many cases in which replacing the heating system is the most cost-effective and logical decision.

When To Choose Between A Heating System Repair Or A Heater System Replacement

This article will review several telltale signs that your heater needs a replacement. When you know what these signs are, you will be able to avoid spending unnecessary money on HVAC repairs. You will be able to rely on your heater, even throughout the peak of the season. Also, you can ensure that your home is both comfortable and energy-efficient.

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Heating System Age

Heating systems tend to be pretty reliable. They usually last about 15 to 30 years, depending upon their use, design, and system manufacturer. Also, their lifespan depends on how often they receive maintenance and other additional factors. HVAC maintenance can certainly maximize your system’s lifespan. However, all machinery, including heating systems, will arrive at the point where they can no longer function well. For many, issues start cropping up around the 12 or 15-year mark. Around this time, the equipment has already provided a fair amount of service. Therefore, it’s retirement shouldn’t be incredibly painful. You can avoid the hassle of future and costly heating system repairs by opting for a replacement. With technological advancements, newer models can be far more appealing, as well.

Decrease In Your Overall Energy Efficiency

high home heating billAll equipment invariably experiences a noticeable decrease in efficiency as time goes on. There are strategies that you can use to slow this decrease, including routine servicing and tune-ups. This decrease in your system’s efficiency, however, is not possible to eliminate entirely.

As the efficiency of your home heating system goes down, your heater is going to have to use more fuel in order to generate the same amount of heat. At some time, the decrease in efficiency can become so significant that the amount of fuel being consumed becomes unreasonable.

When this is the case, a heater replacement is going to be far more effective than holding on to outdated equipment. Using too much energy is bad for the environment, given that it releases an abundance of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Your home heating costs will also feel the impact.

A Noticeable Rise In Your Home Heating Bill

As mentioned above, with a rise in fuel consumption, you’ll also see a noticeable increase in your home heating bill. Fuel prices change from time to time. Often a spike is the result of high demand paired with shortages. With a system that’s old and under-performing, however, you’re going to wind up using more fuel to heat your home than you would typically need. The extra money that you spend on fuel will eventually add up. Several repairs can produce a few improvements of efficiency. However, not enough to make a noticeable difference. Replacing your heating system with a new one will instantly lower both your operating costs and your overall fuel consumption.

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A Recurring Need For Heater Repairs

Theoretically, homeowners can continue repairing their heaters. Of course, this is true as long as the replacement parts remain available, and there are skilled HVAC technicians to perform the needed work. This means that you really can achieve a 30-year lifespan for this equipment. However, few people actually wait this long for heating system replacements, given that recurring heater repairs cost a lot of money and require a lot of time. Annual visits from a reputable HVAC service is much more tolerable. When these visits have to happen three or more times each year, then you may start wondering whether or not repairs are even worthwhile. It could be that the costs of constantly having your heating repair could simply be funneled into having a new and more reliable furnace installed.

Heat Imbalance And General Discomfort Throughout The Home

uncomfortable at homeAs time passes, the effectiveness of your home heating system will also regress. Throughout the first several years of operation, it will be able to keep all rooms sufficiently warm for keeping everyone in the home comfortable. As time goes on, the rooms that are farthest away from this system will start feeling colder until they can no longer be used at all.

That is one of the tell-tale signs that your home heating system needs a replacement. This equipment is no longer able to do its job, and this means that you have to replace it with a system that can. Be sure to contact an HVAC contractor right away.

A Dust-Filled Home And A Low Air Quality

Outdoor air quality is something that we often worry about due to cars, factories, and many other known pollutants. What a lot of people fail to understand, however, is that the quality of their indoor air can suffer as well. Dirt, dust, and debris can become trapped indoors and can get circulated throughout the air, thereby making residents feel uncomfortable. This is something that you can improve by changing out the system’s air filters regularly. Also, you can clean out the air ducts, and have UV lights installed in a strategic area. Another good strategy is to start using an air purifier. If you are already doing these things, however, and your indoor air quality isn’t improving, then you may need a whole heating system replacement.

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In Summary

There is an endless debate over whether to repair or replace home heating systems. You will, however, need to take decisive action at one time or another for the sake of your financial stability and your family’s overall health. Many prefer to try low-cost measures first to see whether they work. Many situations can be cheaply and quickly resolved.

Just keep an open mind as you might actually need to replace your entire heating system. That is true once it reaches a ripe old age or starts showing the signs mentioned above. Overall, it is best to contact a reputable HVAC company in your area to find the best solutions.


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