Should My Furnace Smell Like Heating Oil?

man who smells heating oil in his home

If you use heating oil to heat your home and you smell heating oil around your house, this is not a normal occurrence. However, there are some situations that this event can happen. It can be fleeting or persistent. In this article, we discuss some of the likely explanations for this issue.

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Strategies For Dealing With Dry Air Symptoms In Your Home During Winter

image of a room with a humidifier

With winter comes dry indoor air. Even though many don’t see dry air as a severe issue, it’s never completely harmless. Unfortunately, many people ignore the quality of air in the home. This article shares information on dry air, its impact on indoor air quality, and strategies that will help you resolve this issue.

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6 Reasons Why Your Furnace Keeps Tripping Your Circuit Breaker

image of hvac technician checking furnace circuit

While each furnace may use a different fuel source, most require electricity for regular operation. If the electricity is disrupted for any reason, then homeowners are left with a cold house until the problem is solved. However, if the problem recurs after the reset, then a greater issue could be at play.

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Common Winter Furnace Problems And How To Troubleshoot

home heating

Although a furnace can last for a while, it will wear out and need extra maintenance. If you are not an HVAC technician, it probably isn’t possible for you to fix every issue. However, there are a few furnace troubleshooting tips you can learn. This article discusses the most straightforward furnace troubleshooting tips.

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Furnace FAQ: What Homeowners Ought To Know

furnace tune-up

Winter brings out the inquisitiveness among homeowners who want answers to many questions, particularly about types of services they can access should furnace problems arise. In this article, we will take the time to answer these common furnace FAQ so that homeowners can understand a little more about their home heating system.

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When To Repair Vs. Replace Your Heating System

hvac contractor performing a heater repair

Some homeowners will try to have their old heating systems repaired multiple times due to the comparatively lower cost. There are, however, many cases in which replacing the heating system is the most cost-effective and logical decision. This article will review several telltale signs that your heater needs a replacement.

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