Is Your Heat Pump Leaking Water?

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Many homeowners use a heat pump to maintain a warm, comfortable indoor environment. Heat pumps are reliable, however, even the very best of these units can experience problems over time. One of the more common issues is a heat pump leaking water. We’ve now been trained to be on the watch for equipment leaks, and with good reason. If you have a leaky heat pump, then this unit isn’t functioning as it should. There could be issues with one or more components, or with the system itself.

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Why Heat Pump Leaks Occur

There are many reasons why heat pumps start to leak. Knowing why these issues develop can actually help you prevent them, or at the very least, limit the risk of having leaks occur.

The Heat Pump Coil Is Dirty

An evaporator coil is a primary component of a heat pump and when this gets dirty, it might not have the ability to properly drain condensate. Rather than draining collected water through the pain, this moisture can collect and run off the coil which will in turn cause a leak.

How To Resolve The Problem: Get in touch with a qualified professional to have your heat pump inspected. If the unit has a dirty coil, a complete cleaning may be required.
Your trusted, local technician will have the perfect skills and tools for this project.

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The Evaporator Coil In Your Heat Pump Is Frozen

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If a heat pump has low refrigerant levels, the coil can grow cold and freeze up. Ice will start developing throughout the system. Leaking happens as the icy coils begin to melt.

There’s another problem that can occur when the evaporator coil freezes. If this coil gets too cold, the heat pump itself will no longer function properly. This is an issue that can drive up your home energy costs given that your heat pump will have to work much harder to meet the demand for conditioned air.

How To Resolve The Problem: The entire system can be checked by a professional technician and all ice can be removed. Your provider can also give the system a refrigerant top-off so that the freezing is no longer a problem at the evaporator coil.

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The Condensate Drain Is Clogged

When heat pumps are working like they should, they have the ability to gather condensate from the indoor air and eliminate it using a built-in drain. However, if the drain starts collecting dust, dirt, or any other debris, it can become clogged.

Clogged drains prevent proper water elimination. As such, water starts building up within the drain. Given that heat pumps are not made to hold any excessive amount of water, the collected water will start leaking out.

How To Resolve The Problem: Contact a local professional and schedule a total system inspection. This is an issue that routine maintenance can easily prevent.

Irregular Or Insufficient Heat Pump Maintenance

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One very common cause of a leaky heat pump is irregular or insufficient maintenance and a lot of homeowners are actually guilty of this. As with all forms of equipment, heat pumps tend to work their best and most efficiently when they receive regular maintenance work and routine inspections. Regular tune-ups make it possible to catch and correct problems while they are still very minor. A reputable heat pump technician can identify these things and resolve them right away. More often than not, major heat pump problems start out as relatively minor issues. Frozen and dirty coils, for instance, can be easily resolved if they are caught by a professional and handled early on.

How To Resolve The Problem: If you have a supplemental heat pump in your home, make sure that this unit is serviced by a licensed and properly trained technician at least once annually. If you are using your heat pump as a sole source of heating and cooling for your home, twice-yearly servicing is required.

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The Overflow Pan Is Cracked

One of the primary functions of your heat pump is to draw moisture from the air. This is an essential step in the cooling process. Moisture that collects on the evaporator coil gets routed to the condensate pan or drain. Given that the pain is constantly in contact with liquid, it may develop holes, cracks or corrosion. This can in turn create leaks in the heat pump.

How To Resolve The Problem: Check for water in the drain pan at regular intervals. If too much water is being produced by the heat pump and collected in the pan, this will need to be professionally inspected.

How To Keep Your Heat Pump From Leaking

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If a heat pump is suited to the heating and cooling needs of the building and if it was properly and professionally installed, the best strategies for avoiding leaks represent a combination of diligent and regular preventative maintenance. Always adhere to the recommendations for use and care to make sure that your heat pump is functioning as it should.

It is additionally important to stay on the lookout for evidence of a developing issue. The early that you identify and resolve problems, the more that you’ll be able to protect and prolong the lifespan of this equipment and the overall performance of your heat pump.

Finally, never try to perform your own heat pump repairs. If you are not a licensed and trained professional, tinkering with this machinery will cause more problems than it resolves. Always contact a reputable, local HVAC technician to handle all check-ups, system tune-ups, and necessary heat pump repairs.

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