Best Fall Checklist For Home Maintenance

fall maintenance for homeownersA lot of people look forward to autumn because they are fed up with the hot days of summer, and they want to enjoy seeing the lovely fall colors. Also, with fall comes carving pumpkins and football games. However, autumn also brings messy yards that need cleaning, colder temperature, and other issues. To get through the cold season, you must have a fall checklist for home maintenance.

By preparing your home for fall, you will have a better time dealing with cold winter temperatures. Every homeowner should have a fall maintenance checklist so that you will get through your tasks more efficiently. These tasks generally aim to reduce energy costs, improve comfort, and ensure safety.

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Home Maintenance Checklist For Autumn

In this article, we will discuss the tasks you need to carry out to get ready for the winter ahead.

1. Get Your Home Heating System Tuned Up

furnace tune-upThermometers will start to plunge as winter sets in. Soon you will reach the point that you need to rely on your heating system. Be certain that it can perform its required task of keeping your home warm and safe in the coming months.

You should have your home heating system tuned up each year by a professional HVAC technician. The technician can inspect and service the system as needed, including tasks such as lubrication and cleaning of parts. Having your system serviced means you will have good indoor air quality, energy efficiency, and reliable performance all winter. Call McAllister Energy to schedule a furnace tune-up now.

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2. Schedule Delivery Of Home Heating Oil

If your furnace uses heating oil as its fuel, call a heating oil supplier now. Doing so will ensure you are ready for the winter weather. If you purchase your fuel supply now, you will be paying less because it is not yet the peak season for heating oil. Ask McAllister Energy about payment plans and heating oil delivery options.

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3. Seal The Air Leaks In Your Home

sealing air draftsYour heating system will be working overtime to heat your home if there are leaks around your doors and windows. These leaks or air drafts can cause heated air to escape. The furnace will need to work longer and use more fuel in an attempt to reach your preferred temperature. Check for gaps around your windows and doors. Seal any gaps you find with foam tape, caulking, weather stripping, and window film. Using insulating curtains will also improve energy efficiency. Be sure the insulation in your home has a high r-value.

4. Put New Batteries In Your Smoke Detectors And Carbon Monoxide Detector

A heating system that malfunctions may emit carbon monoxide or smoke. These dangerous emissions need to be detected and stopped as soon as possible. Smoke coming from the heating system can cause a massive fire in the home. Carbon monoxide can silently kill those who live inside. Replace the batteries in all your detectors before the winter season begins.

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5. Check Exterior Stairs, Sidewalks, And Driveways

driveway cracksWinter is almost here. Be sure to take steps to ensure your home is safe. Check the areas of your property that suffer from constant exposure to the elements. This way, you can ensure your safety when they are slippery or covered in snow.

Inspect your driveway, sidewalks, railings, and stairs so you can take care of any problems that might be a safety hazard.

Fix any missing or broken pieces before snow covers the ground. Railings should be reliable and sturdy. The driveway should be checked to ensure snow can be shoveled easily.

6. Get Shrubs And Trees Ready For Winter

Trees look absolutely stunning in autumn. We love the beauty of the glorious fall colors. The changing colors of trees and shrubs can help inform us of their health. If they have changed color sooner than normal, or if many dead branches are present, the plants may be diseased. If you have a lot of trees in your yard to look after, an arborist can help ensure all your trees are healthy.

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7. Rake The Leaves

When leaves first start falling from the trees in autumn, people enjoy the sight of the pretty leaves covering the ground. Sometimes they let the leaves pile up while they do other fall chores. The ground will not look as pretty later on when snow starts falling on the leaves. Snow piling up on the leaves can actually hurt the growth of the lawn grass in spring. It is best to get out your rake and clean the leaves off the ground as quickly as possible.

8. Clean Out Your Gutters

cleaning guttersIn fall, the leaves and branches of trees can cover the ground and also build up on your roof and gutters. This can cause problems because the gutters will get clogged, and the flow of water will be blocked. Clean out the downspouts and gutters as necessary to keep the water flowing freely, especially if they are near trees. You can hire someone to clean your gutters if you do not wish to climb a high ladder to accomplish this task.

9. Take Care Of Outside Repairs

When you carry out your fall tasks, check the state of your roof to see if it is damaged. Also, take a look at the foundation and the siding of your home. The exterior of your home receives a lot of stress due to changing weather so they can exhibit problems quickly. If you notice any issues, be sure to repair them before winter arrives.

10. Drain All Hoses And Exterior Faucets

Before fall is over, you need to turn off all exterior water faucets and put away your hoses for the winter. This will be necessary to prevent pipes from freezing in the winter. Be sure there is no water flowing in your taps because water will expand when it freezes, and this will damage your plumbing. Drain out all the water before the temperature goes down. Also, you should get spigot covers to cover your outside taps.


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