Top 5 Reasons To Have An Annual Furnace Tune-Up

annual furnace tune-up serviceIt is of utmost importance that your family and your home are safe at all times. This can sometimes seem like an overwhelming goal for you to accomplish. However, there is at least one place where it is fairly straightforward – your heating system. You can ensure the health and comfort of your family by scheduling an annual furnace tune-up.

We rarely think about our heating systems until they stop working correctly. Suddenly we are faced with an emergency furnace repair on our hands. When a heating system malfunctions, you may be faced with taking time off work and other obligations to get your furnace repair taken care of. In addition, your family can be shivering with cold in dangerous weather, and there can be an expensive furnace repair bill to pay.

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Main Reasons To Schedule An Annual Furnace Tune-Up Each Year

Here we will discuss some of the reasons an annual checkup of your heating system is in the best interest of your home and family.

Why You Need To Have A Safe Home Heating System

heating system safetyWe all want our family members to be safe. Our heating systems are so automatic these days that most of the time, we just set our thermostats and put our heating systems out of our minds. This is not wise. Our heating systems work with combustible fuels. Therefore, it is vital to make sure that it is operating properly. Otherwise, you can put your family in a dangerous circumstance.

There are several types of fuels used in furnaces. If they are not maintained properly, catastrophic circumstances can follow. A natural gas system can lead to a house fire, putting our family in danger. Also, a furnace that uses natural gas, for example, can release poisonous gases such as deadly carbon monoxide. Each person is at risk if the furnace stops working during the very cold winter months.

No matter what fuel your heating system uses, it is absolutely vital that you have the system checked every year. A check-up of the furnace can improve venting, replace frayed wires, or fix something else that can impair the operation of the heating system. Yearly furnace maintenance will ensure the safety of your family and your home.

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Proper Furnace Air Flow Is Important

heating system maintenanceYou may have learned in high school science that oxygen is necessary for combustion. This means that a furnace requires proper airflow to work correctly. Restricted airflow will make the heating system work harder. You will then have to spend more money to operate your heating system. A heating system that is operating under difficult conditions will wear out more quickly than one with proper airflow.

A furnace technician will take steps to ensure there is proper airflow in your furnace. You should also change the air filters often to help your furnace work efficiently. If you have pets in the home, the air filter can clog more quickly because of the dander and animal hair that will be sucked into the filter. Changing the filter more frequently will ensure the furnace operates efficiently and saves you money.

Fewer Emergency Heating Repairs Will Be Needed

“Emergency” is not a reassuring word for any of us. You can lower the risk of having a heating emergency when you schedule regular maintenance of your furnace. Heating systems are more likely to break down during extremely cold weather when they need to work the hardest.

If you have your heating system checked out before the cold weather begins, the technicians get the chance to spot potential problems before they become serious. They can fix the furnace before you rely on it the most. This way, you can be assured your heater will work properly instead of breaking down at the worst possible time.

If you wait until your furnace actually needs a repair, you may be stuck waiting for service in a very cold house with freezing temperatures outside. This is the season when HVAC companies are run off their feet with emergency calls. You can use emergency services that many HVAC companies provide. These will cost more than the usual charge for a furnace repair. Having a heating system tune-up can reduce the need to call for emergency services.

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Regular Furnace Maintenance Will Keep Your Heater Working More Efficiently

energy efficient homeA furnace technician can ensure the heat exchanger and burner are operating efficiently by cleaning these components properly.

You will save money because your heating system will use the least amount of fuel while producing the heat you need.

You can be assured that you are also helping protect the environment at the same time while you save money.

An efficient furnace is a win/win situation for you and the environment.

A Furnace Tune-Up Means You Meet Manufacturer Warranty Requirements

Most manufacturer’s warranties require that you have your furnace checked annually. You can protect your investment by ensuring you meet the terms of the HVAC warranty requirements.

Your bank account and your schedule will benefit from having a planned, regular tune-up of your heating system. You will benefit from having a comfortable, warm home during the winter months. Call McAllister Energy today for an appointment.


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