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Heating System Maintenance Services

Here at McAllister Energy, we’ve combined the best HVAC services and products to provide you with the best comfort possible. When you choose us for your next maintenance project, we guarantee we’ll:

  • Maximize your home comfort
  • Minimize the number of costly repairs you need
  • Reduce your monthly heating costs

When it comes to home heating system maintenance, leave it to the professionals at McAllister Energy.

Commercial and Residential Heating Maintenance Service

The South Jersey heating and cooling pros at McAllister Energy have the equipment and experience required for the best maintenance program for your heating unit.

Heating System Maintenance

Did you know you can avoid many repairs down the road if you keep up on your annual maintenance?

When you choose McAllister Energy for maintaining your heating system, you get:

  • System & component cleaning. We’ll make sure to clean out any dust and dirt inside your system. This will ensure nothing gets stuck in the most important parts of your home heating system.
  • Blower motor & parts checks. We inspect all parts for any sign of damage and make sure your blower system is providing maximum airflow, optimizing your comfort.
  • Component lubrication. We’ll lubricate the most important parts of your system to keep it running efficiently and effectively.  
  • Electrical connection inspection. Our technicians will make sure all the wires in your system are safe and not potentially dangerous to you and your family.
  • Filter checks. An easy fix that can help your system last a long time!
  • Thermostat calibration. We ensure the thermostats in your South Jersey home match the temperature you’re feeling.

Having a heating system you know you can rely on is an integral part of keeping your family comfortable during the cold temperatures of winter. To make sure your system won’t break down when you need it most, rely on McAllister Energy’s dependable maintenance services.

McAllister Energy Heating Maintenance Plans

Our standard comfort plan includes one year of maintenance services as well as:

  • Emergency HVAC service
  • 15% discount on heating and cooling repair for systems covered by the plan
  • A complete 100% satisfaction guarantee on repairs while under the Comfort Plan
  • A complete tune-up for all covered units (heating and cooling)

Our Comfort Plus plan includes everything offered in our standard plan, but we’ve included even more perks!

  • No additional charges for replacement parts or labor during the agreement
  • 15% discount on thermostat installation as well as IAQ systems such as air purifiers and filtration systems
  • Complete tune-ups for all covered units
  • 15% discount on repairs that aren’t already covered by the Plus plan
  • Customer Loyalty Credits toward future system replacements with McAllister

Advantages of Professional Heating System Maintenance

By enrolling in regular maintenance provided by McAllister Energy, we guarantee that you'll have comfortable, clean, warm air flowing throughout your home for years to come! You rely on your home heating system to provide warmth in the winter months, so avoid future headaches by enrolling in our regular maintenance service today!

Professional furnace maintenance from the experts at McAllister Energy will provide:

  • Lower monthly utility bills. When you maintain your system, you're ensuring it's operating at maximum efficiency. This means lower monthly operating costs for you!
  • Safer heating systems. Heating systems that rely on oil or gas can be very dangerous if something goes wrong. Older systems are more susceptible to dangerous leaks and combustion problems. Regular maintenance can prevent these problems from occurring.
  • Better home air quality. When we clean your system, we're not only preventing future problems; we're also providing you with better air quality! Allergens such as pollen and dust can collect and be pumped through the air throughout your home.
  • Reduced risk of costly repairs. When your system is not properly cleaned and maintained, you expose yourself to larger, costlier problems down the line. We’ll help you avoid any future problems!  
  • Protection for your warranty. Typically, the warranties on heating systems require that routine maintenance is performed on your unit for their validity to stay in check. At McAllister Energy, our maintenance services offer all of the required tune-ups needed to keep your system’s warranty valid.
  • A longer heating system lifespan. By providing your system with regular maintenance, you're guaranteeing it a longer lifespan. Some home heating systems can last 15-20 years!

You rely on your heating system to keep up with your home’s demands. Without proper care, your system won’t be able to keep you comfortable and happy for very long. For all your heating needs throughout South Jersey, choose McAllister Energy! We've been providing the best service to homeowners since 1876!

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