Don’t Forget To Check For Air Leaks Before The Hot Weather Arrives

sealing air draftsWhen summer arrives, people tend to spend more time indoors to stay out of the heat and sun. Of course, your air conditioner should be able to provide a comfortable environment for a more bearable summer.

However, when you have the AC running in your home, you’re also going to face higher energy bills, especially if you have an HVAC system that isn’t running at its best.

AC maintenance is not only vital to ensuring optimal comfort for your family, but it also helps ensure that your home feels comfortable.

However, to fully reap the benefits of a good AC system, your home should have no air leaks. When hot air is allowed to enter your home, the HVAC system will need to work harder, resulting in higher energy costs.

Here is how you can provide more efficient cooling this summer simply by checking for air leaks as well as why you should have this essential maintenance done before the arrival of the hot weather of summer.

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Check For Air Leaks To Achieve An Energy Efficient Home Haddonfield NJ

It’s relatively easy to check for air leaks, and this is something that just about any homeowner will be able to do. Start with a quick inspection of your home’s vents and air ducts. Other common places where air can leak include the following:

  • Windows and doors
  • Entry points for electrical wiring, plumbing, ducting through floors, walls, ceilings, etc.
  • Switch plates and outlets on walls
  • Gaps around baseboards and windows
  • Insulation
  • Vents for a water heater, furnace, or fireplace chimney
  • Thresholds under doors

Check For Any Air Leaks By Using The Smoke Test

A smoke test is an easy test to detect air leaks that homeowners can usually do themselves. To begin, make sure to close all windows and doors.

Additionally, all combustion appliances should be turned off, including water heaters and furnaces. Next, turn on the kitchen and bathroom exhaust vents. Doing so will provide a negative indoor pressure creating an environment where outside air will be sucked indoors through any opening. Use an incense stick that’s lit, place it by doors and windows to check for leaks. If the smoke moves, it’s an indication of a possible air leak.

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Hire An HVAC Professional To Ensure Optimal Home Energy Efficiency

energy efficient houseIf you prefer, you can hire a home energy auditor to check your home for efficiency. The auditor can perform various energy tests designed to catch air leakage that might not be visible in a more casual inspection.

Prevent Drafts With A Blower Door Test

One test offered by energy auditors is a blower door test. To perform this test, the auditor will start by sealing the home. Then, a fan is attached to the frame of a door. Once the fan has been turned on, it will pull air from the home, creating lower indoor air pressure. When the fan turns off, the auditor will use a smoke stick to pinpoint areas of higher air pressure where air leaks back into your home through a small leak or crack.

Increase Comfort And Reduce Energy Costs By Sealing Your Home

Once the air leaks have been detected, it’s time to take steps to prevent energy loss by sealing those leaks. The easiest and most convenient solution is to add another layer of fresh caulk over the gap or leak that’s causing a problem. Homeowners can also place weatherstripping along gaps in windows and doors as well as adjust thresholds to eliminate any gaps where air is leaking.
Another option would be to add more insulation. Doing so is especially important if you know your home is not sufficiently keeping cool air indoors. You can work with a professional to replace any old insulation to prevent cool air from escaping from your home.

Benefits Of Checking For Air Leaks In Your Home

When you check your home for any air leaks, it does more than help you reduce summer cooling costs. A house that is well maintained and leak-free will allow the HVAC system to function more efficiently. As a result, your home’s heating and cooling system won’t have to work overtime and will last longer.

When you check for air leaks before the start of summer, you can ensure that you’ll be able to stay cool and comfortable as the weather starts to heat up. If you wait to repair these problems until summer is in full swing, you might be faced with hot, humid indoor air. Fortunately, you can easily avoid these issues by taking action before summer hits. Doing so is especially important if you have elderly family members or small children living in your home, and you want to ensure everyone stays comfortable.

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