Going Green With Your HVAC

image of anenergy-efficient home and conceptPer the US Energy Information Administration (EIA), about 50% of the energy used in an average American household goes to heating and cooling. Moreover, the cost of electricity has been rising for the last decade and is expected to go up in 2021, as reported by Statista. For you to reduce your overall energy use and, in turn, your financial and environmental costs, you need to make sure that your HVAC system is not only energy-efficient but also always in good working condition. This is an effective way to achieve eco-friendly heating and cooling in your home.

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Going Green With Your HVAC

With that in mind, here are nine tips to make your HVAC more “green.”

Replace Your Old Heating & Cooling System with A New One

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HVAC systems tend to lose efficiency and break down more often as they age. Reduced efficiency means increased energy use. If your HVAC system is 8-year-old-plus, upgrading to a high-efficiency system will save you considerable energy and money. Newer HVAC systems are typically more efficient than older models thanks to improvements in technology. HVAC equipment is, however, not created equal. Each air conditioner is allotted a SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating while furnaces have an AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) rating. A higher rating translates to greater energy efficiency and thus you should consider rating when upgrading your HVAC system.

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Use Natural Lighting

If your house has west-facing windows, you’ve likely experienced the usual rise in room temperature in the afternoon. The temperature rise is beneficial in winter. But it becomes an issue in warmer seasons. You can, however, use the natural lighting to heat and cool your home by utilizing your shades, curtains, and blinds.

Install A Programmable Thermostat

turning up thermostat during winter

To increase the efficiency of your HVAC system, you should couple it with a programmable thermostat. Smart thermostats that align the temperature with your living habits are the most efficient option. With a smart thermostat, your HVAC system runs only when necessary and thus saves a lot of energy. However, even thermostats that allow for basic programming are much more efficient than manual thermostats. A programmable thermostat allows you to keep your house at a given temperature when you’re away and then shift to a more comfy temperature when you’re at home. These temperature changes can save significant energy and thus programmable HVAC systems are more eco-friendly.

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Make Sure Your HVAC System Is Installed Properly

An efficient HVAC system is a more eco-friendly system. If any of your HVAC system’s components aren’t installed correctly, your HVAC system will have efficiency issues from day one. For instance, the refrigerant used in your system should be precisely measured so that your system isn’t under- or over-pressurized. With less than an optimal amount of refrigerant, your air conditioner will be less efficient in removing heat and humidity from your home and thus you’ll have to keep it on for longer. Getting the refrigerant right is just one of numerous elements that need to be well-calibrated if your system is to work well, which why you should always go for a reputable and experienced HVAC contractor.

Use HVAC Zoning

ductless air conditioner

HVAC zoning is one of the most optimal ways of ensuring your HVAC installation is eco-friendly. With zoned heating and cooling, you get to use closed-circuit systems to heat and cool various spaces in your home. This allows you to customize the temperature for each zone of your home. For instance, if you’re not using a given part of your house, you can shut off the HVAC that serves that area. If a room is exposed to direct sunlight, you can adjust the HVAC so that it heats or cools that space as necessary. HVAC zoning is especially useful for large buildings, such as large homes. Also, ductless HVAC systems are becoming more and more popular in homes today. Be sure to ask your HVAC contractor about the benefits that ductless units can offer.

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Schedule Yearly Heating & AC Maintenance

furnace tune-up

To keep your HVAC system efficient and thus more eco-friendly, you should schedule annual maintenance for both your heating and cooling system. You should have a reputable HVAC contractor inspect, clean, and tune-up your HVAC system right before each cooling and heating season.

Inspect/Increase Your Insulation

image of a room with a humidifier

A building’s insulation has a huge impact on an HVAC system’s efficiency. To make your home more eco-friendly, you should have an HVAC expert audit and find spots where there are air leaks. Caulking and weatherstripping these areas will ensure that your HVAC system works optimally because, according to the US Department of Energy (DOE), such spaces account for about 30% of residential heating and cooling energy use.

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Use Landscaping To Your Advantage

Trees can help lower indoor temperatures during the summer season. By incorporating natural shade in your yard, you can ensure that your home is cooler and in turn, your AC system runs less often, allowing you to conserve energy and cut your cooling costs.

Have Your Ductwork Inspected For Leaks

image of hvac ductwork

For the air that you’re paying to cool or heat to reach the intended destination, the ducts should be airtight, and the airflow in the ducts should be unrestricted. So have an expert analyze your HVAC ducts to ensure that there aren’t any leaks or elements that hinder airflow.



American homeowners choose to go green for various reasons. For some, it’s about meeting regulations, for others it’s about saving energy and money, and for others, it’s about reducing their overall carbon footprint. Irrespective of your reasons for going green, your HVAC system is a great starting point. Installing a high-efficiency HVAC system is an investment that will certainly pay off, especially when you keep your system in tip-top shape through regular maintenance.

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