Carpet And Indoor Air Quality: Why Carpet Is Bad For You

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Every person wants to come home to a place that feels safe and comfortable. People exert enormous effort into home improvements to get everything right. For some, carpet is the perfect flooring option because it provides insulation and reduces noise while enhancing the look of their rooms. You can indeed find beautiful colors and patterns to match your interiors. However, carpet has its drawbacks as well. Acknowledging why carpet is bad for you, or how it can be bad for you, will allow homeowners to make better decisions and implement smarter solutions to any problem they might encounter. In this article, we focus on the effects of carpets on indoor air quality.

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How Do Carpets Impact Indoor Air Quality?

Carpet feels soft and lush so you might think that it is made from natural materials. However, the reality is that the vast majority of the fibers are synthetic. Companies love to use synthetic fibers because they are cheap and resistant to stains. Toxic chemicals are also used in the manufacture and installation of these carpets. If the chemicals are released into the air, then those with repeated exposures can experience health issues. Even older carpets can be dangerous. They could trap dirt, dust, mold, dander, bacteria, pesticides, and cleaning solutions that are difficult to remove.

What Is Indoor Air Quality?

indoor air quality

IAQ refers to the condition of the air circulating within the bounds of a building. Poor air quality can have negative effects on the health and well-being of the people occupying these spaces. They might get sick or feel irritable due to the indoor air. Symptoms may emerge quickly upon exposure or develop over time. These could range from mild to severe depending on the cause. The air pollutants may come from both outside or inside the house so vigilance is a must. Knowing the common causes and minimizing the level of these pollutants are vital in keeping families safe.

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What Impacts Indoor Air Quality?

The quality of indoor air often suffers due to poor ventilation. Modern homes are usually designed to prevent air from leaking out because they rely on active heating and cooling from HVAC units. The frequent replacement of HVAC air filters can help in managing air quality but it is not enough. Dirt, dust, and other particles get trapped inside where they continue to build up. Harmful chemical emissions from indoor sources can’t be vented outside. High indoor humidity can also encourage bacterial growth which can be a health menace if neglected. Common indoor pollutant sources include tobacco products, wall paints, cleaning products, pressed wood furniture, among others.

Is Carpet Bad For Your Indoor Air Quality?

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Carpet can make indoor air quality worse, but you are not powerless against this. If you can keep your carpets clean and implement other solutions to clean the air, then you can keep them in your house and have peace of mind. Carpets are only problematic when you neglect them.

Don’t be surprised the family starts to exhibit signs of respiratory problems. They might cough and sneeze all the time. They might have a running nose and difficulty breathing. Those who have illnesses such as asthma might find themselves suffering more than usual because of the airborne particles released by the carpet.

Others could suffer from allergies from exposure to the things that they are sensitive to. For example, some people are allergic to pet dander while others are allergic to dust mites. The body’s reaction can be severe with high fever, skin irritation, and continuous sneezing.

The body’s immune system works around the clock to protect you from harmful substances in your immediate environment. Although it typically performs well, it can get weaker over time when overburdened with a dirty and toxic setting. Babies and toddlers often crawl on the floor so they have a greater risk of getting into contact with carpet pollutants.

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Steps To Take Before Buying Carpet

Given everything that we know about carpet’s effects on air quality, it is essential to take proactive steps that can lessen indoor pollution before buying a carpet. Below are among the things to consider if you are really set on this type of flooring:

Research The Materials And Construction

woman on computer researching carpet vocs

Cast a wide net when choosing your carpet. Look beyond the colors, designs, and prices. Research the different types of materials used in making carpets. The best thing that you can do is buy natural fibers. If this is too costly, then get the least harmful among the synthetic options.

Find Out More About Their VOC Emissions

See if there is anything written about their emissions of volatile organic compounds. Nearly all carpets will emit VOCs to a degree but some are still more eco-friendly than others. Opt for the green brands that go out of their way to lessen toxicity for the consumers.

Arrange For Alternative Accommodations During Installation

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Even the adhesives used in the installation of these have foul-smelling and harmful emissions. Consider alternative options to keep the carpet in place. You might also want to prepare alternative accommodations for the family so that you don’t have to endure the bad indoor quality during installation. Things should start to clear in a few days.

Ensure Good Ventilation In Affected Areas

You can hasten the removal of pollutants by ensuring good ventilation in the affected areas of the house. Keep the windows open to welcome outdoor air that can dilute the contaminants and take them outside. You can use exhaust fans as well.

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Read The Care Instructions Carefully And Follow Them

Every carpet requires slightly different forms of maintenance because of the nature of its fibers and construction. Read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and follow these as well as you can. Clean the carpet on a regular basis, especially along high traffic areas.



Carpets can be excellent flooring materials in certain situations but they require a great deal of upkeep. They can contribute to the decline of indoor air quality if neglected to clean them up periodically. If you are concerned about indoor air quality, you may also implement solutions such as air purifiers for peace of mind. Consult an experienced HVAC contractor to learn more.

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