When To Upgrade To A New Carrier HVAC System

Carrier LogoYour home relies on your HVAC system to keep you comfortable, regardless of the temperatures outside. While these systems are built to last, they will break down and show signs of wear-and-tear sooner or later.

Some issues can be fixed with a simple repair. However, other problems may require an HVAC replacement. Is it time for an upgrade or could you still keep your old HVAC unit?

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Signs That Your Home Needs A Carrier HVAC Upgrade

In this article, we discuss some of the signs that indicate the need for an HVAC upgrade. This way, you can plan for a replacement with enough time, so it does not affect your comfort, indoor air quality, energy costs, and more.

Your HVAC System Has Passed the Decade-Old Mark

Age comes to everyone and everything. Regardless of how well an HVAC equipment may be working, age and time will catch up. At 15 years old or older, your trusty HVAC system will no longer work as efficiently.

Older HVAC systems will begin to suffer from the effects of corrosion, accumulation of dust and debris, obstruction and blockage, and leaks. Age also shows up in the performance of the system.

If your home suddenly experiences uneven heating or cooling, it may be because your system needs to be replaced with a new one. However, it is always best to consult with a professional HVAC contractor to determine the conditioner of your current HVAC system.

You Are Dealing With High, Unexpected Energy Bills

energy costsAnother sign that your home needs a new HVAC system is when you begin paying more for energy. Try to compare your bills from several years back to your current bill. Factor in any increases in the energy charges, then compare the usage rate. If there is a noticeable increase in how much you are paying versus how much you are using, your HVAC system may not be working as efficiently as it was before. It would need a replacement.

HVAC Repairs Is A Common Occurrence

An HVAC system that becomes increasingly expensive to maintain is no longer suited for your home. Even with regular maintenance, a system that has overshot its usefulness will start to have problems. A leak here, some parts replacement there, damage showing up at the most inconvenient occasion. The list of issues might never stop, particularly in a system that is at least 15 years old, or one that has been overused and under maintained.

While most heating and cooling repairs are necessary and reasonable enough, the number and frequency of the trips that a technician has to do to your home may not be so convenient at all. The expense may not be worth it, mainly if the HVAC system spends more time being fixed than keeping your home comfortable. To determine whether you should repair or replace, use this simple computation:


Calculate The Cost Of An HVAC Repair x Unit Age In Years


If the result is less than the cost of a new HVAC system (AC and/or heater), then by all means, have the unit repaired. If, however, the result is more or equal to the cost of a new unit, it is a wiser decision to purchase an HVAC replacement unit. The subsequent expense after the last repair job does not make holding on to the unit worth your while.

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You Think Your Home Feels Uncomfortable

air conditioner not blowing cold airAnother sign to watch out for are cold and hot spots in your home. A central HVAC system working at its optimum level should produce an even temperature throughout the house. The temperature of the home should match the figure indicated in the thermostat. If it doesn’t, you might need to have the unit checked. If the problem is minor and can be repaired at a reasonable cost, have it fixed by a licensed technician. However, if the problem is more serious, it is a sign that your home may require a replacement HVAC unit.

Your HVAC System Produces A Lot Of Noise When It Is On

An HVAC system that produces loud noises is having serious trouble. The most common noises that you should watch out for include banging, buzzing, hissing, squealing, and clicking sounds. When any of these noises are heard, the HVAC system must be checked immediately. Unfortunately, these noises often point to a bigger problem or problems. Should these noises suddenly occur in the system, it is likely you will have to replace it with a new heating or cooling unit.

You Have A Faulty or Damaged Heat Exchanger On Your Hands

The heat exchanger is the heart of furnaces that run on gas. Once the heat exchanger is damaged due to holes or cracks, there is no other choice other than having it replaced. Heat exchangers are susceptible to corrosion and other issues caused by aging, including clogged air filters and repeated expansion. Damaged heat exchangers often result in the smell of exhaust and the presence of soot indoors. Leaks may also be a tell-tale sign. Should these problems occur, it is time to have the HVAC system replaced.

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Benefits Of Upgrading Your HVAC System To A Carrier HVAC Unit

Energy Efficiency Of Carrier HVAC Systems

Energy Efficiency Carrier HVACNewer systems are designed to use energy more efficiently than older units. Newer technologies and design approaches make this possible. Older units operate have low AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency) or SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) ratings. Newer systems, on the other hand, are capable of performing more than 90% AFUE or more than 20 SEER. What this means is that you get to enjoy better performance and higher cost savings.

Carrier Heating & Cooling Offers Improved Comfort

Newer systems simply perform much better than older systems, which means they can bring the home to the right temperature at a shorter time. Also, they can maintain the desired temperature throughout your home. Upgraded HVAC systems perform consistently, which means there will be no temperature fluctuations or discomfort.

Get Improved Indoor Air Quality With A Carrier HVAC Upgrade

Newer HVAC units have better air filtration systems that prevent unwanted particulates and pollutants from mixing with breathable air in the home. A new unit can also maintain consistent air flow and control humidity much better than their predecessors.

Carrier Systems Provide Better Environmental Control

Newer models offer more convenience, such as programmable thermostats that allow better control of your environment indoors. You can manage indoor temperatures better, raising or lowering the thermostat at specific areas of the home. Better control does not only give you convenience and comfort, but it also helps you save more on your heating and cooling costs.

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Why Carrier Is An Excellent Choice When Making An HVAC Upgrade

family with new hvac systemCarrier is one of the most recognized and respected HVAC systems in the world. A world leader and a pioneer, Carrier has manufactured some of the best HVAC products, receiving more than 500 patents for their efforts. Carrier has shown their commitment in providing better products several times over, becoming the first company in the industry to use Puron R-410A, the preferred substitute to the ozone-depleting R-22. In 2017, Carrier introduced the Cor Thermostat, a thermostat that connects to the homeowner’s smartphone or tablet, allowing them to control the thermostat at will. The company received the Energy Star certification for this technology, becoming one of the first in the industry.

Carrier is a recommended HVAC brand, consistently ranking as the leading choice among dealers for more than a decade. In fact, many builders rely on its features, performance, warranty, and ease of installation. It is a premium brand, which means that the products and services it offers have to meet a high standard of quality and performance. To ensure that these standards are held, Carrier chooses their dealers, installers, and technicians carefully. Dealers, for example, have to be authorized by the factory and undergo complete training on the brand’s products before they can represent the company. These steps make Carrier an excellent choice for your next HVAC upgrade. You are assured of a high-quality product, with superior features, excellent performance, reliable customer support, and highly trained technicians to assist you from product choice to installation and beyond.

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