How Much Does It Cost To Install A New Carrier HVAC System

carrier heating and cooling systemsAfter using your HVAC equipment for many years, it may now be time to replace your heating and cooling equipment. Old HVAC units tend to consume more energy and underperform. While there are many HVAC brands out there, and they are all different. However, you can never go wrong with Carrier HVAC products.

In this article, we discuss when to replace your HVAC system. Also, we cover some of the benefits that come with replacing an outdated heating or cooling unit. We will also provide information on why you should consider Carrier for your next HVAC installation.

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When To Upgrade The HVAC System In Your Home

Experts recommend replacement of heating and cooling units that are over 17 or more years old. However, you can replace your equipment if you notice the following signs:

  • unusual noises
  • abnormally high energy bills
  • high and frequent HVAC repair costs
  • low energy efficiency
  • poor indoor air quality
  • reduced home comfort

If your HVAC system is old and takes a longer time to cool or heat up your home, this could be a sign that it has become obsolete and needs a replacement. Be sure to hire the most competent HVAC contractor, such as McAllister Energy to replace your HVAC system.

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What Are The Benefits Of Upgrading Your HVAC System?

1. Your Energy Bills Are Reduced

energy billsThe latest heating and cooling appliances can save you a considerable amount annually in reduced utility bills. Not to mention, the tax credits you will get for installing a high-efficiency HVAC equipment in your home. One of the main benefits of upgrading your HVAC equipment is the cost savings you stand to make from reduced utility bills attributed to the high energy-efficiency of new HVAC equipment.

2. Save On HVAC Repairs And Maintenance

New HVAC equipment rarely breaks down and require less maintenance. Since frequent HVAC repairs and maintenance services can be incredibly costly, you should think about upgrading your equipment. The cost savings you stand to make by installing a new model is a significant benefit of upgrading your equipment.

3. Enjoy Improved Home Comfort

Another significant advantage of installing new HVAC equipment is improved home comfort. When you upgrade your heating and cooling equipment, your home will be comfortably heated and cooled. As a result, you can enjoy an increased level of home comfort. New heaters and air conditioners operate quietly and can quickly meet your space-cooling or heating needs. Old systems have a hard time keeping up, compromising your comfort in the process.

4. Your Carbon Footprint Is Reduced

energy efficient houseIt is important to note that high-efficiency heating and air conditioning systems have a minimal impact on the environment. This can be attributed to lower energy demand or reduced fuel consumption. This is great news for the environment.

5. A New HVAC System Increases Your Property Value

When you upgrade your HVAC equipment, the value of your property will immediately go up. As a result, it can fetch a higher price for those who are selling their home. You can also get a bigger loan if you want to remortgage the house.

6. Improve Your Indoor Air Quality & Health

Old AC units and furnaces usually perform dismally and may cause poor air quality due to damaged air ducts, cracked heat exchangers, damaged fans, and so on. When you upgrade your heating or cooling equipment, therefore, you can be assured of breathing clean air that is delivered to your home at the right temperature regardless of the temperatures outdoors.

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Factors Affecting Carrier HVAC Installation Cost

1. HVAC Installation: The Size Of Your Home

hvac replacementMany factors affect the cost of installing a new HVAC system. However, the size of your home is the main determining factor. After all, the size of your home will dictate the size of heating and cooling equipment to install. If your home is large, a high-capacity heating and cooling system will be required. The ideal system must be able to heat or cool all the rooms in your home evenly. Since larger units are more expensive than smaller units, the bigger your home, the higher the installation cost.

2. Energy Efficiency Of Your New HVAC System

The most efficient HVAC equipment is usually the most costly to procure. Basically, the higher the SEER or AFUE rating of the system, the higher the installation cost. The good news is that you can make huge savings over time due to the low energy consumption of Carrier HVAC equipment. There is no need of installing a cheaper HVAC system with a lower energy efficiency rating. Installing a Carrier unit will prevent you from having to spend more money on higher energy bills throughout the life of your HVAC equipment.

3. Type Of Heating And Cooling Installation

Whether you are planning to install a new Carrier heater and a new Carrier air conditioner, or either one of them, will determine the installation cost. If you are also planning to replace the air ducts and vents, the installation cost will be higher. If you only wish to replace the heating system or AC unit alone, the installation cost will be lower. That said, the type of installation service you need will dictate the installation cost.

4. Choice Of HVAC Company

McAllister EnergyIt is important to note that the cost of HVAC equipment installation will differ from one contractor to the next. After all, the overhead costs and profit appetites of HVAC companies differ from one to the next. Therefore, you need to keep this in mind when doing your research.

It is crucial to find an HVAC company that will install your new HVAC equipment correctly. The quality of installation affects its performance, efficiency, and lifespan. Therefore, do not pick an HVAC installation company at random. Hire one that you can trust to install your new CArrier system correctly.

For those in Southern New Jersey, be sure to call the experts at McAllister Energy. Our experience and knowledge enable us to provide you with high-quality services at affordable costs. For a Carrier installation in your home, we usually charge approximately $7,900. However, as mentioned above, many factors influence the cost of an HVAC installation. The best method to receive a quote is to call for a free estimate.

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5. Mode Of Payment For HVAC Installation Costs

If you pay cash, the cost of installation will be low. For those who use a credit card, high-interest payments will inflate the price. If you cannot pay cash, consider looking for dealer or manufacturer financing as the interest rates are usually significantly lower. For instance, you can look at the Carrier financing options; you will be thankful you did.

6. HVAC Equipment Brand

As you may already know, some brands of HVAC equipment are cheaper than others. However, you may also know that cheap is usually expensive in the long run, so be sure to stick with trusted brands like Carrier.

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Why McAllister Energy Recommends Carrier HVAC Systems

  • Trusted Brand: Carrier is the most trusted HVAC brand in the world. In fact, Carrier heating and air conditioning equipment can be found in more homes than any other brand. As a trusted market leader in the HVAC industry, Carrier offers the highest quality products to ensure homeowners and renters enjoy maximum home comfort.
  • Great Rebates and Financing Plans: Carrier offers a $500 Cool Cash Rebate that every homeowner would be interested in. The company also offers great financing options, which is great news for anyone who wants to upgrade their heating or cooling system.
  • Cutting Edge Technology: As the industry and market leader, Carrier is always developing new heating and cooling technologies for the benefit of consumers. When you install a new Carrier heating or cooling appliance, therefore, you can be assured about enjoying cutting edge technology.
  • Get Quality HVAC Services Through Authorized Dealers: Carrier is not just interested in making cutting-edge products, the company also ensures consumers get the highest quality HVAC services. There are two distinctions that are normally awarded to the best service providers. These are; Carrier Energy Experts and Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, which McAllister Energy has earned. By awarding these distinctions to the best service providers, Carrier has ensured that consumers get both quality HVAC products as well as exceptional customer service. Be sure to get in touch with McAllister Energy for the highest quality Carrier HVAC products and installation services.

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