What Is A SEER Rating & How Can It Affect My Wallet?

air conditioner replacementHomeowners need to consider multiple factors when choosing a new air conditioner. By now, the majority of consumers are already familiar with the concept of A/C cooling power as measured in BTUs or British Thermal Units. A higher number means faster cooling.

Note that this is just the tip of the iceberg. Homeowners must also be mindful of the cooling system’s efficiency as this has profound implications on long-term costs and energy consumption.

Important Facts About SEER And Air Conditioner Replacement Delran NJ

When comparing different air conditioner models, one thing that you should be mindful of is the units’ efficiency. This is indicated by the SEER value. The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio will have a massive impact on system cost and energy consumption.

In a nutshell, SEER shows the relative proportion of the unit’s cooling output and its energy expenditure. The Department of Energy has made it mandatory for AC manufacturers to tell consumers about the SEER value of all their models. This transparency lets consumers make a more informed decision regarding their air conditioner purchase. Instead of just knowing the cooling power of the unit, they can learn about the amount of energy it draws as well.

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How To Compute The SEER Rating

air conditioner replacementSince this number is so important for consumer purchases, it has become necessary for the SEER ratings to be standardized. The D.O.E. uses a test that calls for specific conditions including an outdoor temperature of 82˚F, the indoor temperature of 80˚F, and indoor relative humidity of 50%. Given these underlying assumptions, it is safe to say that a cooling system with a SEER value of 16 is about 60% better in terms of efficiency when compared to a system with a SEER value of 10.

To get the SEER value of a certain unit, you would first need to measure the cooling output in terms of the number of BTUs. This will then have to be divided by the energy consumed in watt-hours.

The Relationship Between SEER And Energy Consumption

The government, through the Environmental Protection Agency, has set a minimum standard for AC manufacturers. All units must have a SEER rating of 14 or higher by January 1, 2015. Meanwhile, the Energy Star label can only be given to units that consume 8% less energy than those without the label. Consumers can utilize the SEER rating of a model to gauge the amount of energy that may be necessary to cool down the home.

Remember that the values were calculated using a particular set of environmental conditions. In the real world, the temperatures and humidity readings fluctuate all the time. Other factors such as the building insulation can drastically affect the actual energy consumption.

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Utility Costs And SEER Ratings

energy efficiencyFinances will always be a major factor when choosing an air conditioner replacement. It is best to look at multiple units and their respective prices. However, the initial cash outlay is only part of the story. You should also consider the future savings that you might gain in terms of reduced energy bills. If you purchase a cooling unit with a high SEER rating, then you will enjoy better energy efficiency and thus lower consumption. Of course, such an advanced unit will come at a premium.

You should also learn more about the other things that could influence the cost of cooling for your house. These include the age of the existing unit, the location of the home, and other attributes of the structure. Those who have been using their cooling system for up to 15 years may expect a SEER rating of 10 to 13. Newer models offer much higher ratings. You should also remember that aging coincides with a decline in efficiency so the actual rating of the old system is lower today.

It is certainly apparent that shifting to a modern air conditioner with higher energy efficiency can result in significant savings. However, the details can be quite tricky. Every homeowner must weigh the AC unit cost against the long-term energy cost to find the best solution for them.

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