Are You Aware Of These Common Air Conditioning Repair Scams?

air conditioner repair scamsSummertime demands that you have a functioning air conditioner in your home. Should your air conditioner break down, it can cause discomfort and stress among household members.

When your home air conditioner is showing signs of trouble, it may be time to call an HVAC contractor. Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous HVAC contractors who do not offer reliable or honest services. In fact, you might fall victim to an air conditioner repair scam in a worst-case scenario.

Cheating consumers out of money is nothing new to unscrupulous businesses. Most victims of these HVAC scams are residential customers. You can, however, avoid becoming a victim by knowing what to do to protect yourself and your home.

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Common Scams In Air Conditioner Repair Maple Shade NJ

Your first line of defense when it comes to air conditioner repair scams is information. Here, we will outline the 7 most common scams that consumers must watch out for.

1. Free Or Incredible Air Conditioner Repair Deals

Every time someone offers something that is too good, it may not always be true. Many HVAC repair businesses make these offers to stand above the competition and attract customers. In most cases, there is a catch.

If you come across this type of offer or deal, always ask for additional information. This will help you evaluate the offer better to determine if it is beneficial or not. In a lot of cases, you will find that the deal is not as good as it was marketed out to be. Advertised free service, for example, may turn out to be more expensive if you are required to make a purchase to avail of the deal.

2. AC Refrigerant Recharge

refrigerantOne of the most common repair scams with air conditioners is the refrigerant recharge deal. When the AC unit stops working efficiently, it may be because it has run out of refrigerant. You’d be surprised to know that getting a coolant recharge is not the first solution for this problem.

If there is a leak in the system, the first thing that HVAC technicians should do is to find that leak and fix it immediately. Recharging the unit with refrigerant without fixing the leak first will only result in continued leaking and waste of coolant. It also means a waste of your money.

3. Air Conditioner Repair: Unnecessary Parts Replacement

On average, air conditioners have a lifespan of at least 10-15 years. In fact, many units will be operational for over 15 years with regular maintenance. Minor air conditioner issues may occur from time to time, but they often require uncomplicated fixes that are easy and affordable. Some of these easy air conditioner tasks include a filter replacement, a thorough cleaning, etc.

However, if you happen to work with a scammer air conditioner contractor, they will likely try to squeeze out more payment from you by insisting on a replacement of air conditioner parts that may be unnecessary. If you are unsure about the suggestions of the HVAC technician, simply talk to another HVAC contractor for a second opinion.

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4. Using Scare Tactics Or Pushy AC Repair Tactics

Fear is an emotion that compels people to make snap decisions without much consideration. This is why scare tactics are a very common strategy used when scamming consumers. Unscrupulous HVAC companies can make a simple problem worse than it actually is. Worried for the safety of your home, you are likely to give in and do what the cooling technician says.

Watch out for HVAC contractors that give you little time to think and decide regarding a specific air conditioner repair meant for your AC. If the HVAC contractor is pressuring you, make sure you focus on finding different options before making a decision.

5. A Big Cash Outlay Before Any Air Conditioner Service

A reputable HVAC company will not require you to pay a large, upfront payment. They are more likely to make an estimate which you will have to agree with before any air conditioner repairs can be done. They will then perform the specific services necessary before they send you a bill.

There are times when there are other problems that an HVAC contractor may fail to identify during the initial diagnosis. This often happens after they try to test and troubleshoot the unit. They should inform you about any additional fixes and you should only pay them once the service is done.

6. Misleading HVAC Services Without Written Agreements

All HVAC services must be supported by a written agreement to provide protection for both the consumer and the contractor. Be wary of offers that seem reasonable enough but are actually misleading or downright false.

A common scam goes like this: you are offered a great deal on an air conditioner replacement part but when you agree, it turns out that the part is not in stock. As a solution, you will be offered an alternative but at a higher price. Always insist on the agreement and make sure that in case of changes, the alternative is within a reasonable price range.

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7. Giving Less Than What You Should Receive

If you need a refrigerant, you should receive the full amount that you paid for. Make sure the container is weighed before the recharge and after. If you are not careful, you will find that some air conditioner contractors will not always fill the container fully. Although most contractors are honest with their services, some may not always be as reliable. This is a fairly common scam and one that will cost you money if you are not careful. If your HVAC contractor did this to you, they cannot be trusted and you are better off looking for a new contractor.


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