How Do I Know If I Need A New Air Conditioning System?

cooling system replacement in a residential homeNew air conditioner purchases can be considered as major financial investments. They require a significant amount of time, money, and effort. While the decision cannot be taken lightly, it should also not be delayed too long.

Households that cling to old and faulty air conditioners suffer from chronic discomfort, large energy bills, frequent repairs, health issues, and relentless headaches. Therefore, by knowing when it is time to start shopping for a new cooling system, you can make the decision wisely. Also, it can prevent you from making a decision quickly such as is the case when homeowners have to deal with an irreparable AC unit in the peak of the heat.

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Knowing When You Need An Air Conditioner Replacement Cinnaminson NJ

The following indicates possible issues with the AC that could merit an immediate air conditioner replacement:

1. Air Conditioners That Are Over 10 Years In Service

Heating and cooling technologies are evolving at an incredible rate. Even if you bought the top of the line model a decade ago, that unit is probably quite archaic today given all the innovations that the industry has enjoyed. Go to any shop and you will discover plenty of items that are much better in terms of energy efficiency and user-friendly features. Homeowners that aren’t trying to acquire cutting-edge technologies will still benefit from the overall boost in performance that new installations can provide.

2. Energy Consumption That Is Climbing Exponentially

HVAC costsHomeowners may try to ignore breakdowns and performance reductions for the sake of not having to shell out money for air conditioner replacements. However, they cannot ignore the exponential increase in energy bills due to a failing system. The AC is one of the biggest energy consumers, and its share can rise higher due to a massive decline in efficiency. Households may face a 100% increase in monthly bills or even more if left unchecked. Getting a new high-efficiency AC will prove to be more economical in the long run.

3. AC System Breakdowns That Are Happening At An Alarming Rate

Any machine can break down. Homeowners are not strangers to having their appliances repaired from time to time. This can be a bit more disruptive when it comes to the cooling system, as the family depends on the air conditioner for comfort during hot summer days. If the heat is unbearable, then there is no choice but to call for a technician right away and absorb the cost. Once is manageable but multiple breakdowns over a short period can cost a fortune. It might be more prudent to invest in a brand new air conditioning unit.

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4. A Home That Feels Uncomfortable Despite A Running Air Conditioner

ACs are designed to cool down indoor space and reduce humidity levels. Air conditioners that cannot perform these basic tasks are not worth keeping as they are consuming a large amount of energy without providing anything in return. In fact, there are cases wherein the air handlers end up blowing warm air into the room. If they can’t control the humidity, it will feel even warmer inside the house no matter what the temperature settings are. If this is just one of many issues plaguing your cooling system, then perhaps a new one should be acquired.

5. Strange Noises Coming Out Of The Air Conditioner

loud HVAC systemAny movement will often generate sounds as in the case of various machines. Air conditioners are no exception. A low-level hum is expected and should be easy to tolerate. However, loud noises are unusual and should be a cause for concern. Different parts of the system can produce strange sounds. Experienced HVAC technicians will be able to tell upon hearing the unit. If this is a condenser issue, then air conditioning system failure may be imminent.

6. Bad Smells That Are Coming From The Cooling System

Air contains impurities that can build up in the system. The filters will block most of these but not all of them. Over time, the dirt, dust, pollen, and other unwanted substances can reach a critical level. Indoor air quality may be compromised and the family’s health may be put in danger. Sometimes the bad smells can also be traced to faulty wires that lead to burning odors. Call a cooling technician right away and prepare to replace your air conditioning system if you encounter this.

7. Excessive Moisture Production By The Air Conditioning Unit

Moisture is ever-present because water beads form when air gets colder as it touches the coils. This should not be a cause for concern as a drainage system is built-in to drain out the moisture right away. If you notice a leak, then you might have to open the system for cleaning and de-clogging. A refrigerant leak may also cause this. A coolant recharge can cost a large sum. In some instances, it might be more sensible to get an air conditioning system replacement.

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