Why Won’t My Air Conditioner Keep Up At The End Of Summer?

air conditioner repairWhen warm weather arrives, there is always a demand for air conditioners to work at optimum efficiency. Summers will bring overly hot temperatures. A warm breeze may feel a bit relaxing, but it can also be uncomfortable, and may even cause health problems. You will not want the air conditioner in your home to stop working, especially when the need for it is greatest. If your AC unit needs to be serviced, you should do it immediately without waiting for cooler weather. It can be more expensive to delay the service call.

Homeowners often notice that their air conditioner does not work as well as it did at the beginning of summer. If the air conditioner has to work a lot, it may lose its ability to keep the house comfortable, or it may be unable to cope with removing the humidity. There can be various reasons for this problem.

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Air Conditioner Repair Westampton NJ: Why Is My Air Conditioner Not Keeping Up?

In this article, we discuss the reasons why your AC unit may not be keeping up in the latter part of the summer.

1. AC Unit Is Getting Older And Has More Wear And Tear

All kinds of electronic machines will become less efficient as time goes by, including air conditioners. If the air conditioner in your home is less effective than it used to be, it may simply be getting old. Perhaps its useful life is coming to an end. If the air conditioner in your home is older than fifteen years, maybe it is time to think about getting a newer model. Fixing it can be a solution that is only temporary. It may not be your best choice.

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2. There Is A Leak In The HVAC Ducts

hvac air ductsOne reason air conditioners do not work effectively to cool air is that the HVAC air ducts are leaking. This results in some parts of your home feeling warmer than other parts. The cooler air can escape from some of the air vents before the air is released in the home. A trained HVAC technician is the best person to identify and fix the problem, and it should never be attempted by a person who has not been trained.

3. Filter On AC Unit Has Not Been Replaced

The air filter of an AC unit is critical. Its purpose is to trap pollutants. The filter creates a barrier to catch lint, debris, dust, and even some microorganisms. At times, the filters can get clogged, and this makes it harder for the AC blower to process the air. If your AC unit at home is struggling, check the filter. If it is clogged, replace it. You should be checking the filters each month and replacing them whenever they are clogged.

4. Your Air Conditioner’s Refrigerant Is Leaking

The refrigerant is a chemical that cools down the air as it passes through the system. In most cases, the AC unit will use the same refrigerant for the life of the system. Sometimes the system will develop refrigerant leaks, and it will not work correctly. When coolant is lost, the system will lose cooling power, meaning it will be less effective at cooling the home. The compressor will then work very hard to compensate for the loss of refrigerant to the point that it can overheat.

A common cause of your home AC unit not keeping up with summer heat occurs when refrigerant lines become corroded due to chemical exposure. If you believe your AC unit has lost refrigerant, have a professional HVAC technician check and repair the system. The unit can be severely damaged if you ignore this problem. Therefore, call a reputable air conditioner repair company in your area.

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5. Obstructed Condenser

It is important that the hot indoor air can be released freely. Therefore, be sure the outdoor condenser of your air conditioner unit is completely unobstructed. Check the outdoor unit to ensure nothing is blocking it. All trees, shrubs, plants, and structures must be at least two or three feet away from it. Leaves, bark, and twigs from plants may pile up to obstruct it.

Organic debris from plants or wildlife can land on the condenser, blocking the unit, and preventing it from releasing hot air. This will make the air conditioning unit work harder, and it will become less efficient. To keep the unit working correctly, clear away the area around the condenser unit.


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