Easy Ways To Reduce Your Home Heating Oil Bills

home energy costsAs you already know, your energy bills will dramatically increase throughout the winter season. Needing extra heat in your home also impacts your carbon imprint and the overall environment.

Fortunately, there are several things that you can do if you are searching for ways to reduce your energy and heating oil costs.

Follow the tips below to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home without it costing a fortune.

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Easy Tips For Reducing Oil Heat Costs

It is imperative to have a warm home during the winter for your safety and comfort. However, it can become expensive to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. That is why it is essential to find ways to lower your heating expenses without compromising your home’s comfort level. The following are some useful techniques that can be put to use.

Get Your House Winterized To Reduce Energy Costs

home heating solutionsEverybody anticipates the change of seasons every year since it is a regular part of life. It is critical to perform basic tasks in both the spring and fall to make sure that your home stays comfortable and safe.

Conduct An Energy Audit To Lower Your Home Heating Expenses

As mentioned above, before winter arrives, make sure that your home is ready for the cold weather. A great way to determine whether it is or not is with an energy audit. An audit will help to identify any gaps or other areas where you may lose heat once the temperatures drop. Doors and windows should also be insulated if any leaks are discovered. Another good idea to make sure that your pipes are insulated to avoid expensive repairs and freezing.

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Find Drafts And Air Leaks To Keep In The Heat

Other simple and practical tips can be used to help to minimize heat loss during the winter. They include closing or removing air conditioner vents. Also, close the kitchen vents and fireplace dampers when they are not in use. Make sure your exterior walls, attic, and basement are all adequately insulated to prevent any heat from escaping your home when the temperature drops. Seal any windowes and doors that allow the cold air to get in and the heat to escape.

Achieving all of these tasks will prevent your heating system from working more frequently, and in the process, use less heating oil. The less oil that your system requires for keeping your home warm will naturally result in you needing to pay less in heating oil costs for your home.

Use Your Home Heating System Less And Use Natural Heat Instead

One great way of naturally heating your home is to keep your drapes open on days when it is sunny. However, to avoid heat loss at night, always make sure to close your curtains after the sun goes down.

Your home will be naturally heated by the sun, which means your heating system won’t have to work so hard. The less your heating system needs to cycle, the less you will need to pay in energy expenses.

Also, as a side note, don’t place furniture and other household items on top of air vents since that will hamper heat circulation.

Lower Your Heating Oil Costs By Getting Fuel Smart

home fuel oil delivery serviceWhenever heating oil demand increases during the winter, the prices also go up. However, there are several things that you can do to reduce your energy bills.

One effective and simple thing that you can do is to have your tank filled during the summer when prices are lower. Speak to your heating oil provider, and compare quotes of several companies. Another thing you might want to ask about is budget friendly automatic delivery options. Automatic delivery plans can help you reduce your heating oil costs in the winter.

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Lower Your Energy Costs By Using Your Thermostat Wisely

According to professionals, you can reduce your heating costs by two to three percent through simply lowering your home’s thermostat by several degrees whenever you are away and at night. You also might want to use a programmable thermostat rather than a manual one. Temperature changes can be programmed in advance, which will conserve energy and lower your heating oil expenses.

Schedule HVAC System Maintenance To Improve Energy Efficiency

furnace technicianAn annual maintenance check of boilers and furnaces helps to ensure that they are working efficiently. It also ensures that they are ready for the winter. You should schedule this type of tune-up before winter starts. However, if you haven’t scheduled one after the start of the winter, be sure to do so immediately. The Energy Communications Council reports that an annual tune-up helps to reduce heating oil costs significantly and enhances the performance of your system.

Similar to your vehicle, an HVAC system requires regular maintenance. Yearly tune-ups help to guarantee the unit’s optimum performance.

If your HVAC system is more than twenty years old, you should install a newer, more efficient unit. That is the best thing you can do to keep your home heated comfortably and reduce your heating oil expenses at the same time. It is good for the environment as well since it reduces your carbon footprint. Today’s HVAC systems are much more energy-efficient when compared to outdated, older models, and will save 15 to 25 percent ultimately on your energy bills. So within several years, a new system will pay for itself.

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