Ductless Mini Split Repair in South Jersey

Installing a mini-split system in your home will provide you with unparalleled comfort in your home. Except when it doesn’t! If your home ductless mini-split system is giving you trouble, you can count on the experts at McAllister Energy!

Our team has decades of experience dealing with all sorts of systems including ductless mini-splits. We combine expert service with the very best parts on the market. At McAllister Energy, we will diagnose and fix the problem quickly and effectively, every time!

Is your mini-split system having problems heating your home? If so, Contact McAllister Energy for the best service in South Jersey today!

Mini-Split System Repair in Pennsauken, NJ

We all know just how hot the summers can get, so you need to make sure your home is cool to keep your family comfortable! When something goes wrong, you need to get service completed as fast as possible. That’s why you need a reliable HVAC contractor like McAllister Energy!

Our team here at McAllister Energy is licensed to repair your system and keep your warranty intact. We provide our heating and cooling experts with state of the art diagnostic tools and training in the business. When you choose McAllister Energy for your next home mini-split system repair, you’re enlisting a team who will work around the clock until your home is back to feeling how it should!

Signs You Need Ductless Mini-Split Repair

Our HVAC experts recommend getting your mini-split repaired if you notice:

  • System is blowing warm air. Is your system blowing warm air throughout your home? This is often an indication that there’s an issue with your air flow. But it also may be an issue with refrigerant. To figure out which exactly it is, you need the experienced team at McAllister to help!
  • Loud or odd sounds. For the most part, your system should not be making loud noises. If it is, it’s a sure sign there’s something wrong with your unit. If you don’t address this problem immediately, it could lead to larger problems down the line.
  • Increases in cooling costs. If you notice your monthly heating costs are increasing rapidly, it’s usually a sign that there’s something wrong with your system. Small fluctuations are normal, but increases of over 10% could indicate a problem!
  • High humidity levels. If you’re noticing a high humidity level in your home, your system may be struggling to keep up with the hot summers. Give us a call if your home seems more humid than usual!
  • Drops in cooling effectiveness. If your system is not properly cooling your home, you should contact the experts at McAllister Energy a call!

Choose McAllister Energy for South Jersey Ductless System Repair

Make sure your family is never uncomfortable in the hot summers of South Jersey! We’ve provided residents of the Pennsauken region with the best repair services for your home mini-split systems since 1876! You can trust our team to get your home to keep you comfortable in even the hottest temperatures!

Give us a call at 856-665-4545 or contact us online for ductless mini-split repair today!