Should I Turn Off My AC When I’m Not at Home?

adjusting thermostatIt is normal and understandable that homeowners are interested in finding out more about how to cut down their electricity consumption and save more money. One such hack that could go wrong, however, is turning off your air conditioner when you leave your home.

This practice causes many serious issues on two levels. On the surface, heat, moisture, and humidity levels indoors will rise, and result in uncomfortable temperatures once you arrive back home. However, it can get much worse because these conditions are the perfect climate to breed mold spores at your home.

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Air Conditioning Tips: Is It Cheaper To Leave Air Conditioner On All Day?

Today you will learn why it is better to leave your air conditioning unit on when you are away for the day, instead of turning it off. We will also talk about your alternatives to save money on your utility bills.

Turn The Thermostat Up Before You Leave Home

Much better than turning the AC completely off, you should turn up your thermostat settings. Running your AC like that allows you to protect your house from bugs, mold, and excessive humidity and moisture. It also maintains a comfy temperature for pets and your return home. Best of all, it is a concrete measure to preserve your system’s performance and save money without causing further damage down the road.

Why Turning Your AC Unit Off Is Bad

indoor air qualityAt its most essential, an HVAC system is developed to cool the air in a house. It acts as an air dehumidifier for proper airflow and increased comfort. Turning it off causes the levels of humidity to rise up to 60%. This will gradually attract insect infestations and is a breeding ground for mold growth across your house.

Most HVAC experts agree on setting the humidity levels in your system between 45% and 55%. This correlates with the automatic function in your unit when it turns itself on. Temperatures remain cool, and all rooms across the house receive enough air.

Keep Your Home At A Comfortable Level While You Are Away

Whether just leaving the house for several hours or planning an extended family vacation, turn your thermostat settings up to 7-10 degrees. That still manages the indoor humidity level and keeps your home comfy for your return, instead of getting back to a stuffy, humid property. Programmable thermostats allow you the freedom to control your home’s temperatures at your desired settings. They automatically adjust temperatures, based on the schedule you programmed. That frees you from having to remember changing the thermostat daily when leaving. You save money on cooling your empty home. Also, you will return home to a house set at the perfect temperature!

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Incorporate Digital Thermostat Solutions

low cooling costsThese smart, programmable thermostats face increasing popularity levels globally. Modern units are user-friendly and allow you and your family to set the desired temperatures easily. You control humidity levels while setting the cooling schedules for the near future. It is best keeping your thermostats on “auto” because “on” could cause a system to overrun, and overstain vital components and parts.

Digital thermostats also allow you to set and forget. Controlling your home’s temperature can be done from any internet-enabled device. It also learns your schedule and adjusts the temperature automatically as needed. These smart devices have proven to save electricity and reduce cooling costs for your home. It is a superior alternative to turning off your air conditioning system.

The Vital Importance Of Programmable Thermostats

They do a lot more than simply cooling your home at your chosen settings. Actually, you can set temperature changes throughout the day as many times as you wish. It is simple and intuitive to increase the temperature while you are at work from nine to five throughout the week. When you arrive back home, it is already nice and cool as if you had not touched the thermostat at all.

Are There Energy Savings On Cooling Costs?

You should understand that turning your AC off gives you nothing in terms of cost and energy savings. Actually, it brings reverse effects because your unit takes time to get back to peak performance levels. This process costs you time and money while you stay at a home that is too humid, too moist, and too hot.

Digital thermostats are a great way to maintain and control desired temperatures. In addition to that, here are extra ways to save energy while out:

  • Prevent the exterior heat from getting in by pocketing the cool air. Keep your windows, doors, and curtains closed.
  • Before going away on vacation, unplug your appliances and electronics. Also, consider unplugging or keeping your refrigerator if you are going to be away for an extended period.
  • Change the air filters in your air conditioning system’s to renew its performance and energy-efficiency.
  • Keep registers and air vents clear and free from debris.

All these measures allow you to save energy and money without turning off your air conditioner. Remember, though, it is still important to call a reputable HVAC company to service and maintain your HVAC systems at least twice a year. A tune-up helps reduce your energy costs while enhancing system performance.

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Closing Thoughts

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