10 Ways to Save Money on Heating Oil Costs

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Living in southern New Jersey comes with low temperatures and high heating costs. Residents rely on their heating systems to achieve a comfortable home during the cold season. Turning off your boiler or heater to save money is impossible. However, you can certainly lower your heating oil costs in other ways. Keep reading to learn the best ways to reduce your oil heating costs without sacrificing your home’s comfort and safety.

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10 Ways to Save Money on Oil Heating Costs

This article discusses ten valuable methods to lower heating oil costs and energy expenses.

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Use a Smart Oil Gauge

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Having the right information means you can make good decisions. The same is valid for home heating. A smart oil gauge can measure how much oil the heating system has consumed at an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and annual rate. Automatic monitoring helps make managing your oil tank a simple task. You will know when precisely the tank is nearly full or running low. It can also help you implement fuel-saving steps and achieve instant results.

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Install a Programmable Thermostat

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Each home has a schedule. For instance, some households have busy mornings as everyone hurries around to prepare for school and work. Some may be busier during dinner when the family gathers to eat together. Therefore, heating needs will vary. A programmable thermostat allows homeowners to run their system at specific periods of the day according to the known schedule. The device can also decrease or increase the temperature settings based on this schedule. For example, when everyone is away for the day, the thermostat will automatically decrease the temperature so that you aren’t heating an empty home. Likewise, the temperature will adjust right before you get home so that you walk into a warm and comfortable home. Programmable thermostats help improve the efficiency of heating systems.

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Replace the Air Filters

Being diligent in heating system maintenance helps in preventing most problems. Habitually clean the perimeter of the furnace and the oil tank. You should also use this chance to check for anomalies like rust and leaks. Change the filters monthly or every few months per the manufacturer’s recommendations. You can replace the air filters more often if the dirt layer gets thick on the surface.

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Get a Professional HVAC Tune-up

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Heating systems are complex machines with multiple parts working together for home heating. Any of these components can break down. Professionals can quickly determine issues before they interfere with the heating operation. They can inspect electrical wirings, replace worn-out parts, and remove dirt in the system’s interior. Have them conduct comprehensive maintenance annually. Doing this in the fall season is recommended due to mild temperatures. Should your unit need repair for the upcoming season, you can switch off the furnace for an extended period to accomplish this without sacrificing comfort.

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Seal the Perimeter Openings

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People aren’t the only ones who can get in through your doors and windows. Cold outdoor air can also get inside via small gaps along the windows and doors. These gaps are present even if they are closed. You can feel the drafts when you put your hands along the sides. The interior remains cold when outdoor air enters your home, so the heating system works harder to reach the thermostat settings. Therefore, sealing these gaps using weatherstripping or caulking can significantly reduce oil usage.

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Exclude Vacant Spaces

If your home is large, some rooms may be unoccupied for long periods. These rooms include storage rooms and guest rooms. Closing the vents in these rooms means you can exclude them from the system load. They won’t receive warm air until the vents are reopened. As a result, the furnace should combust less oil. However, don’t go overboard with closing the vents.

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Enhance Insulation

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Check if your insulation helps keep you warm. If it doesn’t, your house may benefit from having extra insulation against the cold. You should also check if pests and moisture have damaged the insulation material. If so, you may need to remove the old insulation and replace it with a fresh one. This way, the furnace doesn’t need to work harder, and there will be reduced oil consumption. The energy savings you will make can eventually pay for the insulation.

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Order Heating Oil During the Summer

Supply and demand dictate the fluctuations in commodity prices. For instance, everybody needs heating oil during winter, but fewer people require it in the summer. The sun is enough to keep them warm, so they don’t need heating oil as much. Oil suppliers tend to lower the prices of heating oil to attract buyers during this time. This is your chance to call them to top off your tank by getting an oil delivery. Take advantage of oil’s discounted price to fill up your oil tank.

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Avoid Special Deliveries

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A full heating oil tank doesn’t necessarily mean it will last you the whole winter. Some require a refill in the middle of the season. Ensure that the delivery is done within regular business hours when possible. Delivery companies tend to have additional fees for special emergency cases, like deliveries done during weekends, nighttime, or holidays. Don’t do it unless it’s an emergency and your tank is completely empty. The best solution is to fill your tank before it goes empty to avoid emergencies. It is recommended that you call for a refill when your tank is 30% full.

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Limit The Usage of Bathroom Fans

Bathroom fans help remove foul odors, control humidity, and improve circulation. However, they also cause the home to lose heat as they move air out rapidly. You should be mindful when switching them on. Ensure that you don’t run them longer than needed. Some fans have timers built into them so that they automatically turn off. Check the settings and try shortening the time. See if you find the results acceptable. This way, there will be less oil and electricity consumption.

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Implementing simple changes in your home can help reduce heating costs. These changes include making home improvements, adjusting habits, and installing helpful devices on your heating system. They don’t need a lot of money, time, or effort but still profoundly affect your home’s oil usage. The good news is that you don’t have to do everything alone. Contact professional HVAC technicians for affordable yearly maintenance. They can also help resolve persistent problems and provide valuable heating tips.

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