Major Consequences Of Not Changing Your Air Filter

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Take care of your HVAC system and it will take care of you. It’s a fair trade. It won’t cost you much in terms of time and money. Just follow the manufacturer’s recommendations so you can enjoy more than a decade of service from the unit. For example, you should not forget to change the air filters regularly. These block unwanted airborne particles from entering the system. These simple devices have a massive effect on HVAC system performance and lifespan. They can also affect health and indoor comfort. Stay on top of your home air filter replacement to avoid many of the common HVAC problems.

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Major Consequences Of Not Changing Your Air Filter

In this article, we discuss the importance of regularly replacing your HVAC air filter.

How HVAC Air Filters Work

Fibrous materials are at the heart of air filters. These include pleated paper, washable fabric, and spun fiberglass. A cardboard frame adds rigidity to the structure. Filters are able to catch large particulates while allowing air to pass through. Among the things they block are pollen, animal fur, lint, mold spores, dust, and bacteria. Thus, they enable good airflow while minimizing the presence of potentially harmful substances within the system. It is a tough balancing act. They can only be effective up to a certain point, after which they require immediate home air filter replacement.

The frequency of how often to replace an HVAC filter is dependent on various factors. Therefore, a good rule of thumb to follow is to check it monthly and replace it when necessary.

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The Circumstances That Affect How Often To Change An Air Filter

The replacement rate can vary based on the filter type, environmental condition, occupant sensitivity, pet presence, and frequency of use. Most people can follow the recommendation of the manufacturers without experiencing any problems. This usually means getting a new one every 30 to 60 days. It is a good rule of thumb for a regular home with a single pet.

For homes with no pets, this can extend to 90 days. Homes that have multiple pets, can shorten to 20 days. For seldom-used vacation homes and single-occupant dwellings that have no pets, air filters can stay on for 6-12 months before replacement. If in doubt, homeowners can check the filter monthly to see whether it has gotten too dirty. Over time, they can figure out a schedule that works for their needs.

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The Consequences Of Not Changing Out The Filter

Consistency is key. Contaminants stick to the filter so they can eventually block the flow of air. This can stress the system and trigger multiple issues. Homeowners who neglect filter replacement will find it increasingly difficult to deal with the consequences of inaction.

1. High Energy Bills

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HVAC systems consume a lot of energy but homeowners are able to tolerate it within a reasonable range. Clogged filters make systems work harder to compensate for the lack of airflow. This makes consumption soar to unreasonable levels, along with the energy bills. Ignoring it will only make matters worse. Air filters are cheap in comparison with these increases in energy bills. By simply sticking to the recommended schedule, people can control their expenses and adhere to their household budget.

2. Poor Temperature Regulation

The restricted airflow also prevents conditioned air from going where they need to be. The result is uneven cooling around a house. Some rooms may get too cold and others too warm. This means certain occupants may get no relief from the HVAC system when outdoor temperatures are at their extremes. It will make sleep difficult during the night. It will make focused work nearly impossible during the day. People may have to relocate where conditions are more favorable. This isn’t an ideal solution as certain areas become crowded while other rooms are unoccupied.

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3. Poor Indoor Air Quality

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A clogged filter won’t be as effective as when it was freshly installed. Its ability to trap contaminants will fall. That means more unwanted particles will get inside the home where people can breathe them in. Those with asthma and allergies are likely to feel the difference first because of their higher sensitivity. The rest may eventually suffer as well with frequent sneezing, dizziness, headaches, itchy throat, and breathing difficulties. These can interfere with their daily tasks. If allowed to persist, then long-term exposure to contaminants can lead to respiratory problems or other chronic ailments.

4. Early HVAC System Failure

An HVAC system should last over a decade with ease as long as it gets proper maintenance. Changing the air filters regularly is part of maintenance work. Without this, the unit will have to work harder than it can tolerate. Just as people burn out, heating and cooling systems can burn out as well. They can break due to excessive wear and tear on their components. This can happen much earlier than usual. Homeowners will have to shell out thousands of dollars for an HVAC replacement.

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5. Frozen Air Conditioner Coils

An air conditioner’s evaporative coils absorb heat to reduce the indoor temperature. Although they are cool, proper airflow stops them from freezing over. Clogged filters reduce airflow, allowing the coils to cool down until you have frozen air conditioner coils. This prevents the system from running properly. It may behave erratically until it eventually fails. Fixing this issue won’t be cheap. It makes more financial sense to replace the filters constantly and avoid this problem from developing.



Think about the last time that you replaced your home’s air filters. Are you following the recommended schedule? Are the filters long overdue for a change? The best time to act is now. Check each one to evaluate their condition and do whatever is necessary. You can also ask an HVAC contractor to come over for a more thorough system inspection and maintenance visit. These will help you avert system failure and protect your wallet from expensive repairs.

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