Important Heating Oil Tips For Those Who Use Fuel Oil In Their Homes

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Your home heating system is essential, especially if you live in an area with extreme winters. If you recently moved into a property that has an oil heating system, it is going to be important to learn as much about it as possible. Many benefits come with using oil heat instead of electricity or natural gas.

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What Homeowners Should Know About Heating Oil

In this article, we discuss some of the advantages that come with using oil. Also, we share some useful heating oil tips.

1. Reliability Of Fuel Oil

Natural gas is a popular fuel source, but the supply has been going down. This makes people nervous since there is a concern about a shortage later on unless there are some changes in the current market trends. Heating oil is the opposite. There is low demand and a reliable heating oil supply. Therefore, homeowners will not have to stress about shortages later on since there is a dependable supply. They can have peace of mind that their families will be comfortable no matter how cold it gets outside.

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2. Low Heating Oil Costs

If there is a low demand and large supply of anything, it is affordable. It is the law of economics. Homeowners can be assured that this can be expected for the next few years when using heating oil. Price decreases are already being seen all over the US, so people are getting prepared. Budget-conscious people need to monitor heating costs since it can be one of the highest household expenses. By saving money, homeowners can have extra savings for other essentials this winter. Therefore, with an abundant supply and low demand, homes that heat with oil can expect to pay low heating oil prices for many years.

3. Environmentally Friendly Home Heating Oil

Many people make the mistake of believing that oil furnaces make dark smoke. They think this dark smoke can lead to hard to clean soot that will get all over the place. This was true a century ago, but is no longer a problem.

New heating oil innovations in the technological field have resulted in better overall performance and less environmental impact. There have been huge environmental strides in the last fifty years. In modern times, oil heating systems are burning 95% cleaner than in 1970.

Today, oil heating systems must pass the Environmental Protection Agency’s strict standards. Renewable biofuels and low sulfur are available also for even better emissions reductions. Therefore, heating with oil does not impact the environment as intensely as natural gas.

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4. Heating Oil Is A Safe Choice

Heating oil is a safe choice. Natural gas and propane are explosive and can cause a fire. However, oil does not burn in a liquid state. Oil needs to be heated to higher than 140 degrees so that it can vaporize and burn. It is also carcinogen-free, so you do not have to stress about cancer from exposure. If there are any problems with an oil heating system, there will be obvious signs. Natural gas can release carbon monoxide, which can be deadly. This gas is colorless and odorless. Also, if natural gas leaks, an explosion can occur as well. Unfortunately, natural gas leaks are not uncommon, and natural gas explosions occur more frequently than one would think.

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5. Energy Efficiency Of Oil Heating Systems

In modern times, oil furnaces can reach an energy efficiency rating of 95%. You can use less fuel to get more heat. This means that you can achieve an optimal comfort level at a lower cost. You will not have to buy as much fuel this winter since your supply will last longer.

6. Oil Furnaces & Boilers Are A Durable Choice

Oil furnaces can last for three decades or even more, depending on maintenance and usage. This is a much more durable option than natural gas. If you are looking to invest in a new furnace that will last, this is going to be a nice choice.

7. Fuel Oil Access & Remote Homes

In some cases, natural gas cannot be used because of the house location. Remote places can be hard for utility companies to reach. There may not be pipes that can route gas to these homes. Also, switching over to natural gas can be expensive as well if you already have an oil system. Heating oil can be used anywhere. If there is an oil tank, oil suppliers can deliver the oil with ease.

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