How To Tell If Your Home Cooling System Has A Refrigerant Leak

ac refrigerant leakHave you ever wondered why your air conditioner isn’t able to cool your home as effectively as it once did? Does your cooling system make strange noises that it never made before? These might be indications that your home AC system has a coolant problem. Coolant leaks are a common and unfortunate occurrence in cooling systems.

Any change in how your air conditioner works or how well it’s able to cool your home is sufficient reason to check for potential issues. When you notice the inability to cool, strange sounds, or water pooling just beneath the air conditioner, a coolant leak is going to be the most likely culprit.

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Signs You’re Dealing With An AC Refrigerant Leak Marlton NJ

This article will talk about the signs and symptoms of an air conditioner refrigerant leak that you should never ignore.

1. Reduced Cooling Ability

When you turn on a home cooling system that works well, you should experience a fairly strong gust of cooled air within seconds of pressing the “on” button. If you only get weak flow of air that’s room-temperature or slightly warm, then your system needs to be inspected by an HVAC professional.

With a coolant leak, there is not sufficient coolant in the system to absorb the heat collected from within your home. Having weak air moving through your vents doesn’t always mean that an AC refrigerant leak is the culprit. You should always have the tubing and ducts checked out. Also, you should additionally replace any clogged filters to rule out other potential causes of diminished cooling power and reduced airflow.

2. The Vents Start Emitting Warm Air

hot air coming from air conditioner ventsAnother common sign of a refrigerant leak is when your vents start emitting warm air. When the coolant levels fall low, the air inside of the air conditioner cannot be cooled property, and it, therefore, comes out quite warm.

3. Air Conditioner Coils That Have Frozen Over

When there’s a coolant leak, the coils in your AC system will not be able to absorb heat at a sufficiently rapid rate. Whenever this happens, the condensation on the coils can start freezing. If this moisture doesn’t freeze, however, it will drip right onto the floor. If you do not fix this problem quickly, the compressor could get damaged and you may be stuck with a massive AC replacement bill.

4. The Indoor Cooling Unit Makes Strange Sounds

In certain instances, coolant leaks can be the result of holes or cracks in the coils that the coolant normally passes through. When air escapes through these holes, it produces a hissing sound, while air moving through larger holes often produces gurgling noises instead.

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5. Significant Increases In Your Power Bill

When a coolant leak exists, it can cause the energy bill to rise significantly. This is especially true if you’re constantly turning the thermostat down to get colder airflow. Low levels of coolant mean that it will take far longer for your air conditioner to cool your home. As your coolant problem worsens, your power bill will invariably increase. If you notice a considerable spike in your energy bill and at the same time that you detect the changes mentioned above, you should call your AC repair service.


Why Professional HVAC Inspections Are So Important

Having your home HVAC system inspected by a professional is essential for identifying refrigerant leaks. Evaporator coils and tiny holes that cause the leak cannot be readily seen by someone who isn’t well-familiar with the components of a cooling system. As such, only an HVAC professional can definitively determine whether or not a refrigerant leak exists.

If your air conditioner has a coolant leak, you need to act fast. Waiting until the problem grows much worst could result in high repair bills, astronomical energy costs, and greatly diminished comfort in the home. So, be on the lookout for the signs mentioned above, and be prepared to have problems fixed in a timely fashion to continue enjoying comfortable and cool temperatures in your home.

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