All About Forced Air Heating Systems

types of central heatersThere many different types of heating systems that are available, but some are a lot more common. Some houses have hydronic heating systems or geothermal heat pumps, while others use forced air heating systems or electric space heaters.

Whatever type that your home uses, a licensed professional is necessary for installing, maintaining, and repairing heating systems. This way, it improves your indoor air quality, performs efficiently, and keeps your home comfortable, even during the cold of winter.

Also, regular maintenance helps to prevent needing to have unnecessary repairs done. Property owners also should consider replacing their old heating systems to make sure they don’t lose money on operating equipment that is at the end of its life.

The most common kind of space heating system that is found in North America is the forced-air heating system. In this article, we will discuss some basic aspects of forced air heaters.

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Types Of Heating Systems: An Explanation Of Forced Air Heating Systems

A forced air heating system is a kind of heating system that makes use of air as its primary medium of heat transfer. Powerful fans suck the air out of a room and into air ducts. These fans transport the air into the air handler. After it is heated and filtered, warm air then gets pumped into the room again via the system’s air duct system. With a forced air system, the air gets recycled since it is a closed-loop system.

A forced air heating system contains the following components:

  • heat exchanger
  • a heat source
  • blowers
  • fans
  • air filters
  • air ducts
  • vents
  • registers

The heat source can vary. It can be a propane furnace, natural gas furnace, heating oil furnace, or an electric furnace. Whatever the case is, the moving air passing through the heat exchanger then transfers the heat that is produced by the heater.

Although the most common source of heat for a forced air heating system is a furnace, there are geothermal heat pumps and heat pumps as well. Since usually underground temperatures are constant and might be warmer than the environmental temperature in the winter, many use a ground-source heat pump may to provide an affordable source of heat.

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Advantages Of Using A Forced Air Heating Unit

energy efficient heatingCompared to other types of space heating, a forced air heating system is a lot more efficient. When using a forced air heating system, you can enjoy optimum home comfort and save money.

Second of all, you can use a forced air system for cooling. Air from a room, after all, only has to be diverted over to the evaporator rather than the heat exchanger. That makes the system convenient and affordable.

A forced heating system has an efficient filtration system. That means that allergens, dust and other kinds of airborne particles are trapped and taken out of the air supply. This aspect helps with improving indoor air quality and improves your health as well.

You easily can install dehumidifiers and humidifiers with a forced air system to improve your indoor air quality even further.

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How To Properly Maintain Your Forced Air Heating System

furnace technicianThese systems require HVAC maintenance regularly. With seasonal maintenance, the homeowner can detect issues before serious problems occur within the heating system. Also, it helps to improve the system’s performance and efficiency. An annual tune-up helps to improve a building’s inside air quality. That is because professional maintenance includes the lubrication of moving parts, replacing air filters, cleaning parts, and more.

When you schedule regular maintenance, the HVAC contract inspects the ductwork for dents dings, leaks, and other kinds of defects.

Homeowners also should check their registers regularly to make sure their furniture and other items don’t block them.

To improve home comfort further and save money on their energy bills, homeowners should install programmable thermostats to make automatic adjustments to the heating system. You don’t need heating to be at its maximum during the day while no one is in the house, or during the night while you are sleeping and being kept warm by your bedding.

No matter what your HVAC needs are, make sure you hire an experienced HVAC contractor who can provide the services that you need to have.



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