5 Most Common Thermostat Problems That Will Impact Your Comfort

broken thermostatThe purpose of your HVAC system is to ensure that your home is always comfortable. If the system is not doing so, you need to investigate to find out why. Some of the components of the system may be failing.

As an example, quite often, the thermostat causes problems in HVAC systems. You can often fix these thermostat problems by repairing or replacing the thermostat.

Signs That You Have A Thermostat Problem

The following signs can indicate that your thermostat is faulty:

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1. The Thermostat Is Not Reaching The Set Temperature

The thermostat controls the functioning of the HVAC system. When you set the thermostat to the temperature you prefer, the system should quickly comply. If some time has passed and the room does not feel different, you may have a problem.

For example, the thermostat may not react properly because it has been placed in direct sunlight. This causes the thermostat to believe that your home is warmer than it is. Consequently, it will shut down the heater before it reaches the temperature you desire because it senses that the room is warm already.

To counteract this problem, be sure the sunlight is blocked by covering the windows with curtains. Remove any sources of heat that may be close to your thermostat. Also, you can talk to an HVAC contractor about placing your thermostat in a more appropriate location.

2. Thermostat Is Aging

old thermostatOlder thermostats are more likely to make errors. The units can last for many years, but they will eventually become less effective with time. They start to cause more problems and will be difficult to maintain. They will also experience connection problems more often.

The dirt may be more difficult to clean, and they can become less sensitive. It might be wise to get a new smart thermostat to replace the old one.

3. Dirt Build-Up Is Affecting The Thermostat

The thermostat must be able to sense the temperature of the room accurately. If the reading appears to be incorrect, you should find the cause of the problem.

This can sometimes be a result of dust building up inside the device. When dust particles accumulate inside, they can affect the contact points and cause a problem.

An easy way to fix this is to open up the box and remove the dust. You should clean it gently by using a soft brush.

4. Miscalibration Of The Thermostat

Inside a thermostat, there is an internal sensor that has been calibrated to give a correct temperature reading. Over time, a thermostat can get miscalibrated as it becomes less efficient. This will lead to temperatures becoming uneven within the home. One room may be too hot while another one is too cold.

A miscalibrated thermostat can also issue incorrect demands to the HVAC system, resulting in the fan and compressor turning off and on too soon. This results in short cycles that lead to high energy costs, reduced HVAC system lifespan, and an uncomfortable home.

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5. Thermostat Display Not Working

Your thermostat should be able to give you important information regarding the operation of your HVAC system, including the current operating mode and the temperature.

A touchscreen display can accept direct input. If it is not working correctly, you will not be able to check the system or change the settings.

Check to see if the system was turned off and try putting it back on again. If there is no display visible, you may need to replace the batteries on the thermostat. Check to see if any of the wires are loose or if connections are faulty.


Advantages That Come With A Thermostat Replacement

Here are some reasons it can be beneficial to replace the thermostat:

1. You Can Save Money On Heating And Cooling Expenses

lower heating and cooling costsHeating and cooling your home requires the use of a lot of energy. Anything that can reduce energy consumption is helpful because, as a result, your energy bills will also be lower. One effective way to reduce energy consumption in the home is to install a programmable thermostat in place of your old manual device.

With a programmable thermostat, you can control not only the temperature, but you can also set your preferred schedule. You can have the HVAC system work harder during the hours when you are home, and you can schedule it to run less when you are at work during the day. This way, you are not heating or cooling an empty home, and you can come home to a comfortable house.

In many cases, a modern thermostat can track your energy usage, letting you control your energy costs.

2. Auto-Adjustable

You will be able to program your HVAC system at one go, so you no longer have to adjust the temperature setting many times during the day. With these devices, you can simply set it once and then forget about it as the new programmable thermostat can remember all the details for you. You will not need to worry about setting the correct temperature when you leave home or when you go to sleep. Simply relax while you go through your day, and your HVAC will do what it is programmed to do automatically.

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3. Optimize Your HVAC System’s Performance

cell phone controlling thermostat remotelyMany people are not able to financially handle a full replacement of their current HVAC system even if the heater and air conditioner are very old.

It is not always necessary to replace all the parts of an existing HVAC system to obtain an improvement in performance. Simply replacing the previous thermostat with a modern programmable one can bring with it significant improvements in the efficiency and reliability of the HVAC system.

A modern thermostat can make your home much more comfortable and efficient. However, if the heating and cooling units in your home are old and outdated, you must follow through by having the HVAC components replaced.

Replacing and upgrading your thermostat will provide many welcome benefits. However, you will get even more benefits by replacing your existing HVAC components with a new air conditioner or furnace. When you combine the new thermostat with the new HVAC system, you will find that your home will achieve much more comfort and efficiency.

4. Better Connectivity

Modern programmable thermostats now offer even more connectivity options than in the past.

For example, they are able to connect by Wifi from the home network. Therefore, homeowners can control them from anywhere in the house or while away from home. If you go on vacation, for example, and forget to change the thermostat, you can still adjust it and save money in the process.

Many people will appreciate having this additional convenience.


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Often it is easy to fix thermostat problems with solutions such as putting in new batteries or repositioning the device. Sometimes the entire unit should be replaced so you can experience improved efficiency, connectivity, reliability, and auto-adjustment features. Call a reliable HVAC company such as McAllister Energy about your thermostat problems.

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