Spring Checklist To Get Your HVAC System Ready For Summer

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There is no time like springtime to get your home cleaned and ready for the coming season. A vital part of this is to ensure that your heating and cooling unit has the capacity to provide you with conditioned air in the months ahead. After all, you will need your heating system in the early spring. Of course, you will need your air conditioning system as the heat rolls in. Your HVAC system is essential in maintaining home comfort and good indoor air quality.

It is always a good idea to get an early start with everything. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not think to check their air conditioners until they turn it on. It is a mistake that costs them discomfort and frustration of requiring last-minute repairs. These spring HVAC tips will help you prepare your system to ensure that it is in excellent working condition for the upcoming season.

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Essential Maintenance Tips For HVAC Systems In The Spring

Listed below are a few steps to ensure that your system can serve you in the upcoming weather:

Schedule Annual HVAC System Maintenance

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The first thing you should do is to ensure that your HVAC unit receives proper annual maintenance. A certified HVAC technician can conduct thorough inspections and clean all the components. The tune-up is designed in a way that all parts and areas of your HVAC equipment are checked. This way, the HVAC contractor can address all issues, whether they are big or small. Professional maintenance also ensures that small problems are fixed before they become bigger and more expensive repairs.

A professional can also determine the remaining lifespan of your system. If it needs a replacement, the licensed technician can recommend an HVAC replacement that fits your unique lifestyle and needs. Replacing your old HVAC system means you receive more benefits as well. These advantages include reducing your monthly HVAC system costs and lowering your carbon footprint. Other pros include customizing your home’s climate control to meet your home’s specific needs better and avoiding any costly repair problems that come with an outdated unit.
HVAC system maintenance also ensures that the warranty remains intact. Many heating and cooling manufacturers require that the unit receives HVAC inspection from a professional at least once a year.

To maintain your unit’s warranty, make sure that you carefully read and completely understood the warranty terms that came with your unit.

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Clean Or Replace The HVAC Air Filter

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There are also a few things you can do to ensure that your system is in excellent shape. This includes cleaning or replacing the air filters in your system. The filters are responsible for trapping the dust, dirt, and other debris and ensure that they are not distributed throughout your house and into the system. Otherwise, withy dirty HVAC air filters, you will experience lower indoor air quality and other related issues. A filter that is routinely changed or cleaned means that it can filter out particles and contaminants effectively. It will also lower your energy costs.


Clean All Supply Vents And Registers

The supply vents and registers are some of the most common places around your house that are often overlooked by homeowners when cleaning. As a result, dust, dirt, and other debris tend to accumulate. Like regular air filter cleaning and replacements, cleaning all supply vents and registers promotes high indoor air quality. Qualified HVAC technicians can be tasked with cleaning the supply vents and registers when they are on hard to reach areas around your home.

Check The Thermostat

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The thermostat should also be in perfect working condition. First, make sure that there are no cold or heat sources in the area surrounding it. These tend to affect the temperature reading of the thermostat. You should also look at the numbers at the start of every heating and cooling cycle. This way, you can determine if the thermostat needs to be recalibrated. To ensure that you receive the highest level of home comfort and energy efficiency, consider installing a programmable or smart thermostat in your home.

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Remove Condenser Covers And Clean The Unit’s Surroundings

You should also check the outdoor unit or the condenser. First, remove the condenser cover and do a thorough cleaning around it. Next, look over the condenser to ensure that there aren’t any damages caused by the weather. Check the surrounding of the condenser as well to make sure that there aren’t any debris or other blockages. If shrubs and other plants have grown too close to the outdoor unit, trim them. All of these are vital in making sure that your system can perform at an optimum level.

Turn On The Air Conditioning System

This step might seem like an obvious one, but do not wait until the summer months begin to ensure that your air conditioning unit works. Switch your air conditioner on to make sure it can provide you with sufficient cooled air to keep your home comfortable. If it does not have adequate cooling power or the air that passes through the vents smells dusty, go over the earlier maintenance steps again and ensure that they are done correctly. Be sure to call an HVAC contractor when necessary.

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A crisp and refreshing home in the hot summer season is a comfortable home. Waiting until you need your HVAC system the most can result in discomfort and unnecessary hassle. Book an appointment with your trusted heating and cooling expert to conduct a thorough home cooling system maintenance. When you determine and solve HVAC problems early on, you are guaranteed to have a comfortable living environment that your family can enjoy throughout the spring and summer seasons.


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