South Jersey Air Conditioner Tune-Ups

A cooling system in your South Jersey home needs to be a lot more than just “capable.” It needs to provide superior, reliable comfort. It needs to be strong, and it needs to be cost-effective, too. In order to get all of this and more for your home in Pennsauken or Somers Point, the experts at McAllister provide leading air conditioner tune-up service.

Our experts have been the friendly, honest HVAC service experts for Jersey homeowners since 1876! We’ve always put your comfort and needs above everything else, and we make no exception when it comes to bringing the very best to our clients.

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Air Conditioner Tune-Up Services in Pennsauken, NJ

A professional AC tune-up provides your system with the care, service, and attention it needs to keep performing at its best. Just like you would with a car, you seek tune-ups in order to minimize operation costs, and increase the longevity of your system. At McAllister, our experts provide comprehensive tune-up service, including:

  • A complete parts check. Tune-ups give our team a chance to really see what’s going on in your system. We check each part with precision care, checking for any signs of wear or damage so that we can provide preventative service.
  • Lubrication for applicable moving parts. Adequate lubrication reduces harmful friction and helps your system to keep running smoothly. It’s a great way to make sure your system last, and performs well.
  • Electrical connection tightening. Loose electrical connections are not only a hazard, they drop effectiveness and rob your air conditioner of its “oomph.” By tightening connections when needed, we give your system the power it needs to run optimally.
  • Thermostat calibration. Over time, thermostats tend to go a bit off the mark, leading to an uncomfortable home and an HVAC system that can’t really keep up. We’ll inspect your thermostat to ensure total function, and we provide accurate calibration when needed.
  • Condensation line checks and cleaning. The condensate drain system is critical to reducing humidity in your home, and keeps your AC from getting bogged down by excess moisture. We check and clean the condensate line thoroughly, helping avoid untimely repair costs.

The Benefits of Routine Tune-Ups

Getting a South Jersey AC tune-up brings about a lot more than just a bit of cleaning and care. When you choose tune-up services with our experts, you can expect to see:

  • Higher system efficiency and performance
  • Lower cooling costs
  • Less breakdowns and lower repair costs
  • Improved home air quality
  • Longer air conditioner lifespans
  • And even more!

Join a McAllister Service Plan for Even More

In order to maximize both your cooling system and the benefits you gain, tune-ups should become part of a semi-annual routine. In order to provide you with the consistent care and service you deserve, McAllister offers service plans that aim to provide you with more benefits, and more quality assurance in your Pennsauken or Somers Point home.

Want to learn more about joining our service plans that includes a regular air conditioner tune-up? Contact a specialist online, or give us a call today!