Whole House Backup Generators in Pennsauken & Somers Point, NJ

Providing Whole House Generator Services Throughout South Jersey

For a modern home, access to uninterrupted electrical power is pretty much an absolute necessity. We rely on power for lighting, cooking, working; we practically rely on it for life itself. And while that’s not normally an issue, outages aren’t exactly all that uncommon, especially here in South Jersey, where we experience some radical storms. That’s why a whole-home generator system is vital to keeping your home safe, secure, and operation in the face of any interruptions!

At McAllister, our experts offer top-class generator and whole home generator solutions by Generac. For decades we’ve been bringing Pennsauken and Somers Point the very best in home services and products, and that includes a home standby generator solution for your South Jersey home.

Ready to get the assurance that no matter what comes your home is prepared? Contact McAllister today to find out more about our whole house backup generator installation services!

What Is a Whole House Generator?

Wondering what the difference is from a standard portable generator? There are a few key ones, but the biggest by a mile is that a whole home does exactly as its name suggests—it powers your entire home. A portable generator is usually employed to preserve a key function like lights or home equipment. But with a whole home system in place, you can expect days of perfect, uninterrupted electrical access even during major storms or grid outages.

Whole home generators have become more and more popular in recent years, as storms have started kicking crucial functions off in modern homes.

Whole House Backup Generator Installation

Our experts have all of the experience, skill, tools, and knowledge needed to ensure your generator installation is absolutely perfect. Our team can help you select the best generator for your needs, ensuring seamless electrical access at all times in your South Jersey home!

At McAllister, we proudly service and provide Generac brand generator systems. Generac is top-class when it comes to generator solutions, and they’ve been providing leading products to homeowners for decades. No matter your needs, from a full installation, to a timely replacement for an older generator, we have you covered.

Whole Home Generator Repair & Services

In order for your generator to be all that you need it to be, it absolutely must be able to perform when the time comes. To get this, you must ensure that your generator is properly serviced and cared for on a routine basis, and that you seek a timely repair when problems arise.

Contact the McAllister team for generator repair if:

  • You spot a leak. Older generators may begin to leak fuel or coolant as they age. This can be due to unseen damage, or simply weakened or failing components. No matter the cause, be sure to call on our experts when a leak springs!
  • Your generator fails to start up. Probably the easiest warning sign out there. If your generator fails to start, or even starts sluggishly or slower than it used to, call on our experts.
  • There is visual exterior damage. Dents, cracks, and other common signs of damage can lead to a total generator replacement if not addressed quickly enough. So if you spot any sign of damage, no matter how small, call in for professional service as soon as possible.

Choose McAllister for Whole House Generator Services in South Jersey

When you need whole house generator services in South Jersey, including Pennsauken and Somers Point, there’s only one choice to make: McAllister. Our team has been helping families, like yours, install Generac generators for more than 100 years.

With a backup generator, you will never lose electricity again during a power outage. Call the home generator installation experts at McAllister today for a free, no hassle estimate.