Generator Installation

Never Lose Power again with a Home Backup Generator in South Jersey

All of us in South Jersey know how big the storms around here can get. And we also all know how annoying it is when these storms cause power outages. These can disrupt your everyday life and cause headaches with problems such as spoiled food. If you’re tired of these annoyances in your life, consider installing a generator in your home with McAllister Energy!

Our NATE certified team will install your new Generac generator quickly and efficiently so you never have to worry about power outages again!

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Generator Installation Services

There’s only one way to ensure your home never experiences a disruption in power supply– home generators. As soon as the system notices a power failure it springs into action providing you with power in mere seconds. These systems then shut off when power has been restored. You may be asking yourself, but aren’t generators expensive? Ten years ago you may have been right, but technological advances have allowed home generators to become more affordable than ever! That is not to say that they are easy to install, however. That’s why you need to have your generator installed by a licensed, certified technician to ensure your home is not damaged in any way.

McAllister Energy uses only the best products for all our services. That’s why we install generators provided by the leader in standby power generations– Generac. All of their units include features such as:

  • Units are powered by Generac’s proprietary OHVI engine designed specifically for generators
  • All models feature TruePower technology designed to ensure sensitive electronics are protected
  • Unit engagement within 30 seconds of a power outage
  • Environmentally friendly operation
  • Low profile and attractive outdoor cabinets

Generac is one of the most trusted names in generator services. When you combine the best products in the industry with the unparalleled service provided by McAllister Energy, you get something truly great. We’ve been providing generator installation services to Pennsauken homeowners since 1876.

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The Benefits of Owning a Generator

Over time, your generator will pay for itself. Some of the benefits you’ll receive by installing a generator in your home include:

  • Continuity – Your generator will turn on within seconds of a power outage, providing you with continuity of power in your home.
  • Safety – Portable generators have risks such as fires, carbon monoxide, and other hazards that can be dangerous to you and your family. Standby generators are connected into your home’s fuel supply and are located a safe distance from your home.
  • Cost savings – Of course there is an initial investment involved in getting a standby generator, but when you consider the amount of food that you’ll be saving that would otherwise go spoiled during an outage as well as damages, it’s easy to see how a generator pays for itself.
  • Convenience – You’ll be able to carry on with your everyday activities even in the event of an extended power outage!
  • Comfort – Shower in your own home, watch tv, check social media, or cook a meal! These are just some of the comforts you’ll be able to do while other homes are in the dark!

Choose McAllister for Generator Services in South Jersey

For all your generator needs, McAllister Energy is there for you. We’ve been installing Generac generators in homes just like yours for over 100 years!

Never deal with a power outage again! Install a standby generator in your home for consistent, worry-free comfort! Call us today to schedule service!