Oil Furnace Services

Offering Reliable Oil Furnace Installation, Maintenance & Repair for Homeowners in Pennsauken & Somers Point, NJ

Over 28 million Americans rely on oil to heat their homes, making an oil furnace a popular choice, and a great one for those in areas where natural gas service isn’t readily available, or the cost of heating oil is comparable to gas. With over 150 years of experience keeping South Jersey homeowners warm throughout the winter months, McAllister is a trusted name in oil furnace installation, maintenance, replacement, and repair.

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Choosing Your Oil Furnace

There are a number of different types and models of oil furnaces, with slight variations in operation, but all follow the same basic principles.Heating oil is stored in a tank outdoors, and connected to the furnace by a long pipe, to allow for easy transportation when called for by the indoor thermostat.

A fuel pump sends the oil through the pipe, and then a filter, before it arrives at the combustion chamber. There it is mixed with air and atomized in to a fine mist, injected in to the burner, and ignited, producing heat.

Oil Furnace Installation & Replacement

Who you choose to install your new oil furnace, is just as important as the purchase itself. At McAllister, we have NATE certified, experienced technicians on staff, to complete your oil furnace installation safely and efficiently, with minimal disruption to your home or family. There are any number of reasons to replace your current heating system, with a new oil furnace:

  • Your current system will cost more to repair than its worth
  • Your current system is unable to sufficiently heat your home
  • Your current system is old and/or inefficient

Regardless of the reason behind your decision, replacing your oil furnace is a choice you won’t regret. McAllister understands the importance of keeping your home safe and warm throughout the often harsh, South Jersey winters, and we’ll help you to find the perfect replacement to achieve your goals.

Oil Furnace Maintenance

Regular cleaning and maintenance are the key to the longevity of your oil furnace. A routine oil furnace tune-up serves a number of important purposes:

  • Increased longevity of your heating equipment
  • Identifies minor concerns before they become larger issues
  • Ensures the safe, efficient operation of your oil furnace

Oil Furnace Repair

While most repairs can be avoided with routine maintenance, you may encounter issues from time to time. McAllister provides 24/7 emergency service for oil furnaces throughout South Jersey, including Pennsauken and Somers Point, to keep your family safe and comfortable, all winter long. When unfortunate circumstance robs you of the comfort you’re accustomed to, things can get stressful pretty fast. McAllister understands your need for fast, effective solutions, and our heating repair services are geared toward meeting that need absolutely!

Oil Delivery in South Jersey

During the cold Pennsauken and Somers Point winters, you depend on your oil furnace and boiler to provide consistent indoor warmth. When problems develop, you want them resolved quickly and safely the first time. At McAllister, we feel the same way. That’s why everything we do is backed by a full satisfaction guarantee. When we do a job, you can be sure we’ll do it right. We understand how important it is to have a dependable team of expert technicians that provide consistent, yet superior service. When you choose our team, you can rest assured knowing you have an experienced crew fulfilling your fuel needs in South Jersey.

We’ve been providing HVAC services to South Jersey residents for more than 100 years! To schedule oil delivery in the Pennsauken or Somers Point areas, give McAllister a call at 856-665-4545 or contact us online!

The Benefits of An Oil Furnace

With so many heating options to choose from, it pays to do your homework to ensure you make the best choice for your home and family. Here are a number of great reasons to select an oil furnace:

  • Safety. Unlike natural gas, heating oil is non-explosive, only igniting at temperatures above 140 degrees.
  • Clean burning. A new oil furnace is environmentally friendly, with almost zero emissions. With proper maintenance techniques, the system burns cleanly, and any residual soot that is produce is likely to remain within the tank itself.
  • Long lifespan. An oil furnace can last 30 years or more with routine scheduled maintenance from McAllister.
  • Greater choice and control. Unlike with natural gas, you’re in control of who delivers your heating oil, when, and in what quantity.

Oil Furnace Services in South Jersey

When you choose McAllister, you’re making the smartest decision for your system. Our technicians are skilled and experienced heating professionals who can efficiently install a new oil furnace system or repair your existing one. We’ll identify the issue, fix it, and you can get on with your life. If you need emergency service, no worries—our HVAC repair specialists are on call all day, every day, even holidays.

Seeking the most reliable oil furnace installation, maintenance, and repair services in Pennsauken or Somers Point? Count on the team at McAllister! Contact us online any time, or reach us over the phone at 856-665-4545.