Gas Furnace Services

A gas furnace is an affordable, efficient way to heat your home. Natural gas is readily available, relatively inexpensive, and burns clean, so if you’re in the market for a heating system upgrade, a gas furnace is a great choice. Equally as important, is choosing the company you choose for the purchase and installation of your new furnace. Choosing the right company will to maximize your investment and ensure the comfort and safety of your family. For nearly 150 years, McAllister has been a trusted name in gas furnace installation, maintenance, repair, and replacement, throughout the South Jersey area.

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Choosing Your Gas Furnace

While it’s not imperative that you understand all the mechanics and technologies of a gas furnace before you buy, it’s a good idea to know what distinguishes one type from another, and which one is best suited for your home. There are a number of criteria and features to consider in order to make an informed decision, including:

  • Size – With a gas furnace, bigger isn’t always better. A unit that is too big wastes fuel and increases wear and tear, through frequent on and off cycling, while a furnace that is too small will be unable to adequately heat your home. The heating experts at McAllister will perform a Manual J load calculation to ensure your furnace is the right size for your living space.
  • Efficiency – How efficiently your furnace converts gas into heat is determined by its AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency) rating, which is expressed as a percentage. A higher rating is preferable, indicating a higher percentage of fuel being converted to heat.
  • Key features – Zoned heating capabilities, air filtration to help combat allergies, variable speed blowers, and variable heat output can all affect the performance, and cost of a new gas furnace.

Gas Furnace Installation

When it comes time to replace your heating equipment, you can trust McAllister to do the job safely and efficiently, respecting your home and your budget. You need a reliable source of heat that meets you and your family’s needs. To get the best in quality and efficiency, work with our experts today for your gas furnace installation! McAllister is a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, meaning we can bring you top-tier products and services that are sure to maximize comfort while keeping your heating costs lower. Prior to installation, our NATE certified technicians will perform a heating load calculation to ensure your new gas furnace is the perfect fit for your home.

Benefits of Installing a Gas Furnace

High efficiency models are an effective means of heating your home, quickly and efficiently. Additional benefits include:

  • Reliability – Annual routine maintenance and cleaning, and regular filter changes will keep this appliance working reliably and efficiently for years to come.
  • Comfort – Gas furnaces have a much faster response time than electric heat; once engaged, you’ll feel the temperature difference in your home within minutes.

Gas Furnace Replacement in Pennsauken

A new furnace is a big financial investment, but it’s also an investment towards the safety and comfort of your family. At McAllister, we’ll help you maximize your investment, with a new Carrier gas furnace, the most efficient, hard working appliances on the market today. Not sure if gas furnace replacement is your best option? It’s time to consider replacing when:

  • Your current system isn’t meeting your needs
  • Your current heating solution in South Jersey is inefficient, or your heating bills are too high
  • You need professional repair too frequently
  • Your current furnace or heat pump is ten to fifteen years old

Gas Furnace Maintenance

Your heating system works hard to keep up with your demands. This consistent need can take its toll, and without proper care, you can see an increased need for repairs, and a shorter system life span. Protect your investment, and your comfort, with McAllister’s professional maintenance services. Regular maintenance of your gas furnace serves a number of important purposes:

  • Increased longevity of your heating equipment
  • Identifies minor concerns before they become larger issues
  • Ensures the safe, efficient operation of your gas furnace

Gas Furnace Repair in Somers Point

While most repairs can be avoided with routine maintenance, you may encounter issues from time to time. McAllister provides 24/7 emergency service for gas furnaces throughout South Jersey to keep your family safe and comfortable, all winter long. When unfortunate circumstance robs you of the comfort you’re accustomed to, things can get stressful pretty fast. McAllister understands your need for fast, effective solutions, and our heating repair services are geared toward meeting that need absolutely!

Gas Furnace Services in South Jersey

When you choose McAllister, you’re making the smartest decision for your system. Our technicians are skilled and experienced heating professionals who can efficiently install a new gas furnace system or repair your existing one. We’ll identify the issue, fix it, and you can get on with your life. If you need emergency service, no worries—our HVAC repair specialists are on call all day, every day, even holidays.

Seeking the best gas furnace installation, maintenance, and repair services in Pennsauken or Somers Point? Count on the team at McAllister! Contact us online any time, or reach us over the phone at 856-665-4545.