Ductless Cooling in South Jersey

When it comes to ductless cooling, no one in the industry does it better than McAllister Energy! We’ve been providing homeowners and businesses in Pennsauken with the best HVAC services in the industry!

McAllister Energy Ductless Cooling Services Include:

  • Installation
  • Replacement
  • Routine Maintenance
  • Repair

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What Is Ductless Cooling?

Ductless cooling systems operate in a similar manner to traditional HVAC systems, but, as the name implies, without utilizing ducts. Instead, there is one outdoor unit containing the compressor and condenser coils as well as one or more indoor units.

Copper wires and piping allow ductless systems to have cool air flow into the home and allows you to create cooling zones within your home.

South Jersey Ductless Cooling Installation & Replacement

Installing a ductless AC system provides a highly efficient way to cool your home that offers additional perks such as zoning and improved air quality. With McAllister Energy, we’ll be sure that you’re able to experience the full potential of these perks!

Our team members are expertly trained in the installation of ductless systems and have experience in every type of situation. We’ll be able to provide you with recommendations with your comfort needs in mind!

Is It Time to Replace Your Ductless System?

For the average homeowner, it may be difficult to tell when it’s time to replace your current system and when a repair will do the job. Some of the most obvious signs it may be time to replace your system are:

  • High cooling costs
  • Reduced efficiency
  • Age
  • Frequent repairs

Ductless AC Repair in South Jersey

It always seems like AC systems break down when you need them most. If you’re tired of being uncomfortable in your home, call us any time of day for emergency repair services! Contact us immediately if:

  • There are strange sounds coming from your system
  • Your ductless system is blowing warm air
  • Your ductless system is leaking refrigerant
  • The air quality in your home seems to be declining

McAllister Energy offers residents of Pennsauken emergency repair 24/7 so you never have to worry about being uncomfortable! Call our emergency hotline at 856-665-4545.

Ductless Cooling Maintenance

Many of the problems we see in ductless AC systems can be avoided by having your system undergo regular maintenance. Routine maintenance can also help you keep the warranty on your system valid.

At McAllister Energy, we offer maintenance agreements so you can get great service and additional benefits!

Choose McAllister for South Jersey Ductless Cooling

Make sure your home is equipped to handle the hottest temperatures of the summer! We’ve been providing quality service to the South Jersey area for over 100 years so you can trust our team to diagnose and fix whatever may be wrong with your system. For all your ductless cooling needs, choose McAllister Energy!

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