5 Major Myths About HVAC Services

hvac myths about services and care

Information is power. If you have accurate information, then you can make smart decisions on just about anything. On the other hand, relying on false information can lead to poor choices and difficult problems down the road. Unfortunately, misinformation is everywhere. Many cling on to myths that prevent them from seeing the truth. This happens for everything from the mundane to the profound. Homeowners are often victims of these myths. For example, they hear a lot of wrong ideas about HVAC services or heating and cooling system care that lead to bad decisions.

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5 Major Myths About HVAC Services

In this article, we discuss some HVAC service myths and system care that you should be aware of.

Myth 1: The Air Filter Only Requires Yearly Replacement

replacing furnace filter

Some people think that a yearly HVAC air filter replacement schedule is sufficient. However, the reality is that you may need to switch to a quarterly or even a monthly schedule for smooth operation.

The air filter has a huge effect on your indoor air quality. It catches undesirable particles such as dust, pet hair, pollen, and other airborne particles. This way, you and your family can breathe more easily. It saves you from bouts of asthma, allergic rhinitis, and other respiratory issues. However, it has its limitations. You will need to replace it once the surface develops a substantial layer of dirt. Otherwise, the health of your family will suffer. Your system will also run inefficiently due to poor airflow.

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Myth 2: Bigger Is Better When It Comes To HVAC Systems

We often associate large size with excellence. Big homes and massive cars are typical signifiers of success. It isn’t surprising that some would think that getting the largest HVAC system you can afford is the right way forward.

Size matters when choosing an HVAC system but bigger doesn’t always mean better. For example, a bulky air conditioner might prove to be overkill for a small room. It will lead to a phenomenon called short cycling which results in wear and tear. It also makes the system incapable of reducing indoor humidity. Always consult a professional for proper HVAC sizing using a scientific approach. This is the best way to avoid an early replacement.

Myth 3: HVAC Maintenance Work Isn’t Necessary Unless The System Is Broken

air conditioner maintenance

Every homeowner wants to lower the household expenses. However, we should be mindful of using the right strategies for saving as using the wrong ones might backfire. For example, people tend to ignore the maintenance requirements of the HVAC systems as long as they can see the unit working. They think that they only need to worry about this when something is broken. Yet the opposite is true. You should perform regular maintenance so that you can avoid costly system breakdowns. After all, the former is cheaper than the latter. Manufacturers might also refuse to honor warranties if their prescribed maintenance schedule was not followed. If you really want to save money, then be proactive in preventing component failures. Have a professional HVAC contractor perform annual tune-ups at the very least.

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Myth 4: Air Leaks Are Easy To Spot Around The House

HVAC systems consume a lot of energy just to change the indoor temperature to your liking. However, much of this effort gets wasted due to air leaks. Unseen holes, gaps, and cracks allow air to escape. The system needs to work extra hard to compensate for these leaks. The obvious solution would be to find these and seal them all up. The reality is that this is easier said than done. You could spend an entire day hunting for them without making much progress. Your best bet is to get professionals to do the work for you. Their trained eye, special tools, and wealth of experience allow them to spot checks across the ducts and throughout the home.

Myth 5: You Can Always Depend On The Thermostat To Control Indoor Temperature

thermostat and comfort control

The thermostat has the power to sense the ambient temperature and regulate system operation. Just input your desired settings and it will do its best to make these happen. Although the thermostat is usually reliable, there are cases wherein it behaves in odd ways. For example, if you place it near a window, then the sun might heat it up at certain times of the day. Its sensors will have false readings that will affect system performance. The thermostat will also be powerless if your home has lots of air leaks and poor insulation. Its best efforts might not be enough to reach the temperature setting. Ask HVAC technicians to perform regular maintenance for optimum performance and comfort.

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Myths are born from a lack of understanding of how things work. As you learn more about heating and cooling systems, you are less likely to fall prey to these myths. You can scrutinize everything that you hear and spot the fallacies. If you’re unsure, then you can always ask your trusted HVAC technician for advice.


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