Ductless Air Conditioner Vs. Window AC: Which Is Better For Me?

ductless heating and coolingDifferent kinds of air conditioners can be installed in homes. Each of them has strengths and weaknesses. Homeowners should study all of their options so that they can make an informed decision.

Consider central air systems, window units, and ductless air conditioners. These are three of the most commonly installed types of cooling systems today. Every single one of them has good and bad points. It is up to the owners to figure out which of these would work best for their homes. The following discussion should help in finding the most suitable option.

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A Comparison Of Window And Ductless HVAC Cherry Hill NJ

Ductless air conditioners work precisely as their name implies. You will not need to install any ducts to channel cold air across the home. Instead, it consists of two parts for the indoor and outdoor installation. Electrical wires and tubing for refrigerant will connect these components. The air handler will sit inside the house. The condenser will remain outside as its job is to release the heat from the room and cool down the refrigerant before it goes back to the home. This separation provides numerous advantages.

On the other hand, window air conditioners are inserted across window openings as a single device. Everything is contained in a compact shell, including the condenser, compressor, and so on. The heat generators face the outdoors while the air handler faces the inside of the room.

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The Advantages Of Using Ductless Air Conditioning Systems

A lot of people prefer this type of configuration as a ductless unit tends to have higher efficiency ratings compared to window units and central air systems. Energy gets lost as air travels through the ducts, so a ductless system eliminates this problem by directly cooling the room. There are also no gaps around the walls, so drafts will not be much of a concern.

What’s more, ductless cooling systems provide excellent flexibility in terms of the installation. The air handler can be placed into any room inside the house, unlike window units that are installed in windows. The cooling capacity of the ductless ACs is also quite high. They cool down spaces effectively.

The installation of ductless ACs is easy as the air handlers can work just as well on walls as they do at ceilings. The indoor component is more compact than a window ACs, so it is easy to squeeze it into a small vertical space.

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Top Considerations For The Selection Of Residential Air Conditioners

window air conditionerIf you have a tight budget, then window ACs could be a good option since these can guarantee low-cost acquisition, installation, and maintenance. The problem with window units is that they are only suitable for certain conditions. They require the presence of an exterior window that they can fit into. If a room has no such openings, then they simply cannot be considered.

Window ACs will also block natural light. Therefore, the room is darker when using a window air conditioner. They also cool only one room at a time such that multiple rooms require multiple units. With a ductless configuration, a single outdoor condenser can power several indoor air handlers. This type of system can cool homes quicker and in a more even manner.

As far as energy efficiency is concerned, ductless systems are the clear winner when pitted against window ACs. Their SEER ratings are much higher than their counterparts. Thanks to the lower energy consumption, homeowners will not have to pay a lot to stay comfortable during summer. Although window ACs are cheaper to acquire, they consume more energy, and thus operating them can be costly. They also tend to be noisy and distracting.

Meanwhile, ductless units are quiet as the noisy components are outdoors, away from the family. Homeowners should also note that window units are prone to mold growth which will affect the indoor air quality. Those who have existing respiratory ailments should be particularly concerned about this. Ductless units prevent this by using advanced air filtration. Lastly, many ductless HVAC systems also offer heating and cooling for all-year comfort.

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Every type of cooling system has pros and cons. Each situation is also different such that a thorough study is necessary to come up with a good decision. Your requirements and priorities must be clear. Those who want to cool down a particular space will want to take a look at ductless systems. You can configure them to cool multiple rooms as well. It will not matter if these have external walls or not. As long as a skilled HVAC contractor does the installation, you should be able to enjoy optimal performance.

McAllister Energy can provide you with reliable HVAC services including heating and cooling installations, repairs, and maintenance.

We have a team of NATE-certified technicians who have unquestionable expertise and experience when it comes to different makes and models of heating and cooling systems. They can make a quick and accurate diagnosis. You can expect pragmatic solutions and affordable services.

Aside from their technical excellence, our team is also highly professional and friendly. They will work to ensure that you are satisfied with the way that they render their services. We are so confident in the services that we provide and, as a guarantee, we offer solid warranties to our customers.

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